Stop Food Waste Day 2024: A call to action for businesses

Did you know a staggering 33% of all food produced ends up being wasted?
When food waste breaks down it emits methane, a powerful greenhouse gas. In fact, food waste contributes to 6-8% of the world’s carbon footprint. On this Stop Food Waste Day (24 April 2024), it’s critical for businesses to reevaluate their waste management strategies to ensure their food waste is disposed of in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

In line with this, the upcoming Simpler Recycling waste reforms represent a monumental shift in how businesses manage waste, particularly food waste. These reforms are not just changes; they are an opportunity for businesses to streamline their processes to reduce waste and contribute positively to the circular economy.

Starting from 31 March 2025 (2027 for micro firms), food waste cannot go in the general waste bin. UK businesses will need to have separate food waste collections in place, regardless of the amount of food waste produced.

Embracing these changes opens doors for businesses to creatively reduce food waste, saving valuable resources and reducing environmental harm.

Boost your business with Grundon’s food waste service

  • Reduce food wastage

    Our food waste service includes comprehensive audits to identify opportunities for streamlining operations and minimising on-site food waste. For restaurants, specialised software can be utilised to pinpoint commonly wasted food items, enabling informed decisions to optimise portion sizes and reduce waste.

  • Government’s preferred food waste recycling and treatment facility

    With Grundon, remaining food waste is directed to Anaerobic Digestion facilities, where it undergoes advanced treatment to generate renewable energy, including electricity or gas for the National Grid, as well as nutrient-rich fertilisers.

  • CarbonNeutral® collections

    Our CarbonNeutral® collection fleet guarantees zero increase in your carbon footprint with each collection and our bin exchange service ensures a clean, sanitised bin is ready for immediate kitchen use.

  • Employee training and resources

    Benefit from our extensive training and resources designed to help your team understand their significant impact on food waste reduction. Work collaboratively to transform consumption habits and improve disposal practices.

  • Tailored advice and sustainable strategies

    Our experts provide bespoke advice and innovative strategies tailored to your business’ specific needs, helping you achieve your environmental goals and stay compliant with new waste reforms.

Discover how our services have made a substantial difference for Ascot Racecourse

Since partnering with Grundon in 2022, Ascot Racecourse has taken huge strides in its sustainability efforts. The racecourse has increased recycling rates by 20% year-on-year at Royal Ascot and have pledged to becoming net zero. Following improvements in waste segregation and data collection, the racecourse witnessed a staggering 809% increase in food waste collection between 2022 and 2023. Together, we sent 25,460 kgs of food waste to Anaerobic Digestion facilities, where it was turned into bio-fertiliser and electricity.

“With Grundon, we saw an organisation that wanted to work with us, to challenge us rather than just do what we wanted. They came up with solutions that enabled us to start pushing boundaries, they understood what could be achieved, and have continued to demonstrate new ways of working that exceeded our goals.”

Peter Watts

Rockvolt - a specialist consultancy for stadia, venues and events who work closely with Ascot Racecourse

Introducing our dedicated food waste collection service can make a real difference to your bottom line. Grundon is committed to helping your business reduce food waste while supporting Simpler Recycling reforms.

Join us in turning the table on food waste.