Create behavioural change campaigns and reward people for taking every day green actions

Greenredeem is the longest serving, and remains the most impactful, sustainability behaviour change platform available today. Formed in 2009, we’ve constantly evolved to understand our partners challenges and deliver innovative solutions that develop over time.

Grundon - Driving behavioural change
Driving behavioural change

Greenredeem provides members with easy hints, tips and life hacks to help them lead a greener life.

Grundon - Rewarding green actions
Rewarding green actions

Choose from personal rewards through discounts and offers, to donating points to charities and community projects.

Grundon - Join our community
Join our community

Greenredeem has been created for everyone, join our UK-wide community of 175,000 members

At Greenredeem we offer a variety of behaviour change platforms to help our partners meet their objectives:

Recycling and waste minimisation

Working with councils and waste management partners we can reward residents for recycling more and wasting less at home. Our award-winning schemes motivate our members to recycle twice as much, and twice as often as residents not participating in Greenredeem.

Water efficiency

In partnership with water companies, we motivate members to be more water savvy at home, creating sustained reductions in the amount of water used and a more engaged and educated customer base. On average Greenredeem members use 5-6% less water when being rewarded.

Circular office

Through Greenrspace, we can engage your employees to work more sustainably, creating value in your organisation whilst rewarding your employees for changing their behaviour.

People lead busy lives, so building a conversation with our members is vitally important to underpin sustained behaviour change.

At the heart of Greenredeem is the principle of rewarding action.

We think it’s really important that if one of our members changes their behaviour, and we can see the impact, they’re rewarded for it.

Reward means different things to different people and we’ve evolved a rewards platform that allows members to choose from a variety of different incentives, all enabled by our own currency, Greenredeem points.

To see Greenredeem in action, why not join up today?

We look forward to speaking with you about your sustainability challenges and showing you how a partnership with Greenredeem can help you achieve your goals.