Grundon - Confidential Waste

confidential waste disposal and destruction

Cost effective and secure confidential waste disposal

Our confidential waste collection, disposal and destruction service protects the reputations and identities of companies and individuals. You can rest assured that we will treat your confidential waste securely and professionally.

Grundon - Secure destruction
Secure destruction

We offer secure destruction for confidential documents, hard drives, digital media and much more

Grundon - Off-site or mobile shredding
Off-site or mobile shredding

We can transport your confidential waste to a secure shredding depot or we can shred at your premises

Grundon - Certificate of destruction
Certificate of destruction

We will provide you with a certificate of destruction and a waste transfer note

All organisations hold confidential data: on employees, customers and suppliers.

Confidential waste is defined as any personal information that can be used to identify individuals, including their name, address, contact numbers or any financial data.

Grundon offers a full confidential waste management service, including the secure collection, disposal and destruction of all confidential documents.

Examples of confidential documentation which must be disposed of correctly include employee application forms, records of employment or payslips, invoices or quotes, bank details, education or medical records – even memos, hand-written notes, emails or letters if they include personal information such as emails or addresses.

And with the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulations in May 2018 which superseded the UK’s Data Protection Act, the rules on what personal information companies can hold and how are now more stringent than ever.

How does that impact on confidential waste disposal and destruction? Few of us really understand how far and wide we randomly scatter information about ourselves, and not just on the internet and across social media.

A phone number scrawled on the back of an envelope? Supplier and customer lists printed off for easy reference – or saved onto a memory stick, external hard drive or other digital media? Even holiday forms with an employee’s details on. All of these can no longer be left randomly on a desk, or even in a desk drawer. Everything has to be shredded and disposed of.

We offer a cost effective, fast, efficient and secure confidential waste collection service for the collection and destruction of confidential waste. We are fully GDPR compliant and serve the public sector, government, education, healthcare and social care sectors, banking and finance institutions and the legal sector.

Our service is operated through our partnership with the UK’s leading shredding specialist Shred Station, which is fully accredited and ensures confidential waste cannot fall into the wrong hands.

We can also provide a service for the disposal and destruction of unwanted consumer goods, clothes, accessories, electronics, cigarettes, banned and controlled substances, liquids, void credit and bank cards, counterfeit and seized merchandise.

Every single sheet of paper we collect is put through our confidential waste shredding systems is recycled and 100% is diverted from landfill.

Our mobile shredding service allows us to shred your confidential waste on your premises using our mobile secure shredding van. We then take it back to a secure depot for recycling.

We can shred securely offsite too. All our collection operatives are uniformed and BS 7858 security vetted, so we will collect your confidential waste in a secure van and transport it to a secure depot where it is shredded and recycled through our secure waste disposal system.

And if you need a one-off collection and shredding service for an office or home clear out we can organise this for you. Grundon can provide confidential waste bins, confidential waste bags and confidential waste sacks for regular or one-off collections. Our bins and containers come in a variety of sizes, shapes and styles from 120-1100 litre wheeled bins, or smaller, desk side and metal bins.

We will also supply large lockable sack cabinets which blend into the office environment and smaller sundries such as desk trays and nylon confidential waste sack with tags included. Larger containers such as rolonofs are available for big volumes of confidential waste.

As well as recycling, we offer other destruction and disposal methods too. These include high temperature incineration, deep burial at full licensed landfills or high-density baling of bulkier items, and we will provide you with a certificate of destruction and a waste transfer note following the secure destruction of your confidential waste.

We can also provide witness to destruction, just let us know in advance.

Whatever your confidential waste disposal and management requirements, Grundon has the experience and capabilities to help, backed up with all the legally-required permit, UK and industry standards so that you can be safe in the knowledge that every piece of confidential waste is disposed of legally, safely and as sustainably as possible.

How secure is your shredding service? + -

Our secure shredding provider has some of the highest accreditations possible for a secure shredding provider in the UK, so, the short answer is: extremely secure.

Staff are fully trained and vetted to BS7858 standard plus additional higher security checks. All vehicles, whether mobile on-site or off-site shredding, have CCTV security cameras and are satellite tracked and depots are Home Office approved.

All material is shredded into unrecognizable pieces and mixed with hundreds of tonnes of other material.

Our partner, Shred Station, is a member of trade organisations such as BSIA (British Security Association) and UKSSA (United Kingdom Security Shredding Association).

The company is ISO9001 accredited, which incorporates the European Standard for Information Destruction EN15713.

All staff undergo regular EN15713 awareness training.

What is the difference between a recycling company and a secure document shredding service? + -

A recycling company primarily recycles but is not designed to comply with privacy legislation surrounding document shredding.

Our shredding services go beyond a recycling service and ensures confidential documents have been completely destroyed before they are recycled.

What happens to shredded paper? Do you take it away? + -

Once your material has been collected and shredded, all material is sent to UK recycling centres. All recycled paper then contributes to the production of various paper products such as paper towels, paper plates, tissues and toilet roll.

Do I have to remove staples, paperclips, ring binders and plastic wallets? + -

No. Our state-of-the-art machines handle all these items with ease.

Can I keep the shredded paper to use as bedding etc for my pets? + -

No. Your shredding is mixed with other companies’ shredded paper and taken away for recycling.

Can we place data tapes, hard drives, CD’s in the bins or bags? + -

We shred digital media in all formats, but they need to be kept in separate bins or bags from paper, as these are processed and charged differently.

Do you offer one-off collections, or do I have to be a regular customer? + -

We are happy to dispose of documents regularly or as and when is required with one-off collections.

Does the mobile shredding create a lot of noise? + -

The noise is comparable to a dustbin lorry. Our vehicles can process 2-3 tonnes an hour so are very quick.

Are the bins lockable? Can we have a key? + -

Our bins are lockable and have a slot in the top or front to place material through.

We request authorisation in writing to supply keys and typically restrict this to certain staff as bins are likely to contain internally confidential information.

Why shouldn’t we just use our own in-house shredding facilities? + -

Outsourcing your document shredding to us is cost-effective and can increase employee output by up to 17%.

Employees waste valuable time separating documents, removing papers clips and staples, and putting through an office shredder.

Using our service, you do not need to prepare any of the documents, you leave in staples, plastic wallets and lever arch folders etc. Just bag it or bin it and we can dispose of these documents in minutes as opposed to hours.

Do you offer your services outside of usual business hours? + -

Yes, but additional charges are likely to apply.

Do you offer timed collection slots? + -

We can call you one hour before or specify am or pm. You can call us the day before your booking to determine am or pm.

Must we specifically use the bins or bags provided? + -

Not if you don’t wish. We will collect bags, boxes or pallets of material as long as they are sealed or lidded, so the paper cannot blow away and will keep the material contained, so it doesn’t become wet and flimsy and won’t fall apart. The container must also not be too heavy for our operatives to handle and manage.

Do I have to bring the bins to a central collection point? + -

If you have a lift then our operatives will collect the bins, bags or boxes from around the floors. If you have boxes or bags in a cellar, for example, with no lift we can facilitate a collection.

On secure sites, we recommend wheeled bins so on the day of collection your staff can wheel these to a central loading area.

All our staff are security screened to BS7858 and we can supply relevant certifications if needed to allow our staff movement around your facility.

Can you shred wet paper? + -

Yes, as long as it’s within wheeled bins or bags and not contaminated from a sewer leak, for example. If the paper is completely sodden we may take this off-site to shred rather than shred on a mobile shredding vehicle. If you call our shredding specialists they will be able to confirm for you.

Secure and cost-effective confidential waste collection and destruction

Contact us now to see how our confidential waste management service can protect your business reputation and identity