Event waste collection, recycling and disposal

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    Taking a greener approach to event waste management

    Our award-winning event waste collection service will keep you 100% compliant, boost your environmental credentials and can save you money.

    Maximising recycling

    Zero waste to landfill

    Reducing waste disposal costs

    Your reputation could be at stake if you don’t manage your event waste correctly

    The sheer volume and breadth of event waste can be overwhelming, especially if it includes hazardous waste items such as camping stoves and gas bottles.

     Our Special Events team has years of experience working at events of all shapes and sizes and, because we offer a total waste management service, we take care of absolutely everything and keep you 100% compliant.

    Work with an award-winning events waste management team you can trust

    We win awards for our great service, innovative ideas and our proactive partnership approach.

    Customers including the Formula 1 British Grand Prix (held at Silverstone), Twickenham Stadium, Ascot Racecourse and CarFest South trust us to help them meet sustainability goals and maximise recycling opportunities, while providing a cost-effective and reliable waste collection service for their events.

    Expert advice

    Good planning is the key to successful event waste management – we work with organisers to determine their waste priorities and provide a service which meets those objectives

    Bins for all requirements

    Events come in all shapes and sizes and so do our waste bins, containers and compactors – all designed to make waste collection as easy as possible

    Waste education

    From posters and signage to children’s games, our proactive approach delivers crowd engaging ideas to boost recycling awareness

    The importance of delivering greener events

    We understand that organisers want to reduce waste, increase recycling and make sure their events are as green as possible. We also know how important it is to be able to measure success in order to determine future goals.

    That’s why we tailor our services to promoting waste education, giving advice to you and your suppliers on managing different waste streams and increasing segregation and, of course, guaranteeing 100% compliance with all relevant legislation.

    We promise zero waste to landfill and provide the necessary recycling statistics to help set targets year-on-year.

    Why choose Grundon?

    Over 50 years’ experience in event waste management

    Grundon have been providing a first-class waste management service to events of all sizes for over 50 years. Our customers range from music festivals and sporting events at Silverstone, Twickenham and Ascot Racecourse, through to weddings and small parties

    We offer a range of complementary services

    Working with our long-term trusted partners, Grundon provide a full event waste management service, including complementary services such as litter picking, site cleaning and toilet hire. Whatever your requirements, we’ve got you covered

    Dedicated team of event waste experts

    Our dedicated and award winning team of experienced event waste experts deliver a tailormade service to all our customers, from pre-event planning, a dedicated presence during the event and post-event reporting and wash-up

    “The expert guidance Grundon has given us over the years has been invaluable. With a venue like ours, it’s not just down to price, it’s about service as well and Grundon’s is second to none. We have never been let down and they have always been there for us.”

    Lee Howkins

    Venue Manager, Silverstone

    Setting up an event waste management service couldn’t be easier

    Setting up a dedicated waste management service for your event couldn’t be any easier. Simply follow these steps today and we’ll provide you with a professional, reliable and crowd-pleasing service.


    Tell us about your event

    Tell us about your event, the number of people attending and details about the venue, as well as your waste management requirements . If needed our expert team are happy to meet with you and undertake a full site audit to look at your needs and opportunities to boost recycling


    Get a quote

    we’ll provide you with a bespoke proposal and quotation for a comprehensive event waste management service which is tailored to meet the exact needs of your event


    We’ll set up your waste management

    We’ll deliver your bins and containers, and we’ll schedule your collections around your event and available site access times. Our dedicated team will provide you with a 24/7 point of contact throughout the duration of your event, ensuring you have complete peace of mind

    Get a quote

    Get a quote


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      Crowd-pleasing waste management for events of any size

      Our total waste management service takes care of everything from mixed recycling, general waste, plastic waste, glass waste, metal waste (eg drinks cans); through to cardboard recycling, food waste, campsite waste even clinical waste from first aid rooms and toilet areas.

      From the moment your event date is in the diary, we can help decide your waste priorities and determine the best approach for your environmental agenda and your budget.

      If recycling is the main priority, we work with you and your suppliers to increase segregation of waste streams, creating a bespoke service to make it as easy as possible to boost those recycling statistics. For example, installing food caddies and specialist food waste bins will help caterers to promote segregation and recycling back-of-house, as well as in public areas.

      If zero waste to landfill is top of the list, we can guarantee to meet this goal by sending waste to our own Energy from Waste (EfW) facilities, where it is processed to generate renewable electricity.

      We like to think we go that little bit further too. If required, we can produce recycling leaflets and free waste sacks for traders and campers, and even organise waste awareness games to encourage families to engage in fun recycling activities.

      It’s all part of the bespoke service that we know gets the best results.

      Frequently asked questions

      How can Grundon make my event more sustainable?

      We work with you and your event suppliers, helping everyone to understand the sustainability goals and then we give them the advice and necessary tools (containers, signage, posters etc) to help them meet those targets.

      We make every effort to improve education and awareness of recycling, we promote segregation of waste and make sure the right containers are in the right locations to make this as easy as possible.

      Because we have access to our own disposal and treatment facilities, such as Energy from Waste (EfW), Anaerobic Digestion (AD) and Materials Recovery Facilities (MRF)s, we can tell you exactly where your waste goes and provide all the statistics you need to benchmark one year’s event against another.

      Clinical waste, such as items from first aid rooms, and hazardous waste, such as camping gas stoves, are both collected separately and taken to our specialist facilities for processing. This ensures you are 100% compliant with all the necessary hazardous waste and/or clinical waste rules and regulations.

      Our focus is always on helping you to improve your environmental credentials and the fact our own vehicle collection fleet is certified CarbonNeutral® means we don’t add to your carbon footprint when we come to collect those bins.

      What size of events can you handle

      Everything and anything. From family celebrations in a village hall requiring just one bin, through to major events with thousands of attendees, we provide the necessary expertise and experience to ensure waste management at your event goes smoothly and efficiently.

      Event margins are tight, how can Grundon save me money

      We help many of our customers save money because, by encouraging them to segregate waste for recycling and reprocessing, we reduce the cost of their general waste.

      Can you help me plan the location and number of bins I need, and can you empty them on-site when they’re full?

      We have a tried and tested formula for working out how many bins and containers should be needed and how long they should last.

      For a typical large event, such as a music festival or sporting occasion, we suggest 120 litre food waste bins, 240 and 1100 litre wheeled bins with our front end loaders, skips, rolonofs and balers. We even use mobile compactors which reduce the number of on-site vehicle movements, making it safer for everyone.

      All our bins are jet washed, cleaned and checked before every event and they are colour-coded, with very clear signage to help all the festival goers understand which items go in which bins.

      Their location is critical and we make sure they are well signposted and situated in areas of high footfall.

      We appreciate there may be occasions when some bins, such as those near food outlets, become full quicker than anticipated. At larger events, we will have on-site teams to keep an eye on issues such as this and we will make changes as quickly as possible.

      At other times, our close liaison with organisers and cleaning teams means they will soon let us know and we can then take the necessary action. Cleaning teams are usually responsible for moving full bins to our compactors and performing the end-of-event clean-up.

      How soon do I need to start planning for waste management at my event?

      As soon as you have the details of the event. The earlier we can become involved, the more we can do to help you. You can always call us to discuss your ideas.