Commercial waste management

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Providing you with a commercial waste collection and disposal service

Grundon’s commercial waste service has the experience and expertise to handle all your business’s waste, guaranteeing 100% compliance with all relevant legislation.

Cost-effective solutions for all your waste

Keeping your business fully compliant

One dedicated point of contact

The effective and easy way to manage all your business waste

Businesses generate many different types of waste and identifying how best to manage its disposal can be challenging.


Employing separate waste providers for each waste stream can be time consuming and costly.


The solution is to work with one provider whose breadth of experience, expertise and treatment facilities enables it to handle all of your of waste.


Grundon provides you with a cost-effective, safe and compliant service for all your commercial waste. Plus you get the added benefit of having a single point of contact who is on hand to help you achieve your waste and recycling goals.

Expertise and experience every step of the way

We have years of experience helping businesses of all shapes and sizes manage their commercial waste.


Our experts will help you maximise every opportunity for the recycling, recovery and reuse of all non-hazardous waste streams. Our specialist facilities also enable us to deal with all aspects of hazardous waste, including WEEE and clinical waste, as well as providing specialist cleaning services.


We take on the responsibility of ensuring your organisation remains fully compliant with waste legislation, giving you complete peace of mind.

Expertise and experience

Over 90 years of helping businesses to achieve their waste management goals

Employee engagement

Education and engagement programmes to help reduce waste and increase recycling rates

Specialist equipment

From colour-coded bins, to compactors and balers, we provide all the equipment you need

Your trusted waste and recycling partner

We work with a huge number of businesses across many different sectors.


They rely on us to deliver reliable and cost-effective commercial waste management services and to work with them as a trusted partner to achieve their sustainability targets.

Why choose Grundon?

Trusted by thousands of businesses

Over 12,500 organisations of all sizes and across all industries trust Grundon to provide a reliable commercial waste management service.

All waste services under one roof

Whether you’re looking for general waste and mixed recycling collections, or disposal of hazardous or clinical waste, the Grundon team are here to help.

Dedicated fleet of 430 specialist collection vehicles

Grundon’s fleet of 430 certified CarbonNeutral® waste collection vehicles will take your waste to our network of industry-leading treatment facilities.

Our customer’s 
points of view

“It is estimated that Metered Dose Inhalers currently contribute to approximately 4% of the carbon footprint of the NHS, therefore it is vital that we ensure inhalers we dispense are disposed of in the most appropriate way, such as through recycling methods provided by Grundon Waste Management.”

Oliver Newman

Assistant Divisional Manager, Swansea Bay University Health Board

“The fact that we have been recognised for successes at these two very different events demonstrates that, no matter how big or small, Grundon has the expertise to deliver excellence in recycling and help customers improve their sustainability too. Well done to everyone involved.”

Steve Hill

General Manager – Group Commercial Development

“Grundon have proven over the past three years to over deliver on services – they’re great at what they do and are ideal partners for us.”

Neil Priscott

Chief Operating Officer, Gloucestershire County Cricket Club

“We are delighted that Gloucestershire CCC have placed their faith in us to continue the good work we have started, and we are looking forward to continuing our relationship.”

Dan Peacey

Regional Sales Manager

“This not only puts us in pole position as more and more towns and cities move towards adopting low emission zones; it is also a big step forward in helping local businesses to achieve their sustainability targets by reducing carbon emissions through net zero waste collections.”

John Stephens

General Manager – Logistics

“The big thing to take away is to understand that data collection is really important and should be celebrated. The granular information we now have from Grundon – and our wider information around reducing carbon emissions – means we can present hard facts to our colleagues, providing the necessary impetus to effect change for the future. ”

Peter Watts


“Without being able to measure our food waste we would never have known how much there was. We see this as a positive because it has given us a target for the future. ”

Keith Field

Head of Soft Services, Sodexo

“This was the first time we had tried to achieve net zero for a large enclosure and Grundon’s aspirations were far greater than ours. It was a real learning curve to see the results that could be achieved.”

Keith Field

Head of Soft Services, Sodexo

“With Grundon, we saw an organisation that wanted to work with us, to challenge us rather than just do what we wanted. They came up with solutions that enabled us to start pushing boundaries, they understood what could be achieved, and have continued to demonstrate new ways of working that exceeded our goals.”

Peter Watts


“The Crown Estate and Savills knew we had a good track record on environmental improvements and were very clear about the sustainability and waste goals they wanted us to achieve at Rushden Lakes.”

James Luckett

Senior Contract Manager

“Having Grundon on board has given us more control of food waste from the restaurants and cafés, we can manage it more effectively and to the standards that need to be achieved.”

Jamie Denney

Sustainability champion and Site Centre Administrator, Rushden Lakes

“Helping local communities to access and enjoy their beautiful surroundings is very important to us and this project does exactly that. Well done to everyone for all their hard work.”

Toni Robinson

Head of Compliance

“Every pressurised Metered Dose Inhaler (pMDI) thrown away is full of hugely polluting hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) gases – a type of greenhouse gas known to be over a thousand times worse than carbon dioxide in contributing to climate change.”

“It is estimated that Metered Dose Inhalers currently contribute to approximately 4% of the carbon footprint of the NHS, therefore it is vital that we ensure inhalers we dispense are disposed of in the most appropriate way, such as through recycling methods provided by Grundon Waste Management.”

“It is estimated that Metered Dose Inhalers currently contribute to approximately 4% of the carbon footprint of the NHS, therefore it is vital that we ensure inhalers we dispense are disposed of in the most appropriate way, such as through recycling methods provided by Grundon Waste Management.”

Oliver Newman

Assistant Divisional Manager, Pharmacy & Medicines Management at Swansea Bay University Health Board

“Grundon has always been proud of being one step ahead and being the Benchmark for innovation. I see this as only the start and we are working on new projects and services that will ensure our customers benefit from our efforts to improve sustainability whilst ensuring value for money for our customers.”

Andy Stratton

Grundon’s Clinical Commercial Manager

“It is exciting to be able to provide alternative products to our clients that are designed to reduce consumption of raw materials by replacing them with waste materials in their design without compromising the integrity of the bin in any way.”

Dr Shauna Costley

Grundon’s Clinical Compliance & Sustainability Manger

“Our customers have found that switching to responsibly sourced recycled medical waste bins is effortless, as well as highly beneficial in pursuing the NHS net zero carbon emissions targets.”

Dr Shauna Costley

Grundon’s Clinical Compliance & Sustainability Manger

“As a Colnbrook-based business, we are really proud to support the local community so to help fund this treasure trove of history on our doorstep has been a real treat.”

Kirsti Santer

Marketing Manager

“Our expertise and in-depth knowledge enables us to take care of the process from start to finish and guarantees that the disposal is both fully compliant and meets an organisation’s duty of care obligations, with all the necessary documentation provided.”

Chris Edwards

General Manager – Technical

“The history of transport is something that is especially dear to my own heart as, without all our vehicles throughout the years, Grundon could not have developed into the successful business it is today.”

Norman Grundon


“The success of our trials gave us 100% confidence that the new electric vehicles have the capacity to complete average waste collections of around 80-100km per day, without the need to recharge en-route.”

Bradley Smith, Grundon

“Modifying a diesel refuse vehicle not only saves in excess of £100,000 versus the purchase of a new electric vehicle, but it also gives it a new lease of life – literally recycling on the go.”

Spencer Law, Chief Executive Officer, RVS

“We see this innovation as a real game-changer and an important milestone on our ongoing journey towards further helping our customers achieve their sustainability targets.”

Neil Grundon


“The catering department is very satisfied with the waste food collection arrangements with Grundon. The bin exchange system works extremely well. ”

Anne Byrne

Facilities Manager (Catering and Housekeeping Services)

“The trampoline’s so popular that we’ve had to set up a timing system so that everyone gets a go on it”

Lisa Jimenez

Centre Manager for Youth and Play

“The specific items requested in this project align with Grundon’s own social and environmental aims, to develop spaces and activities that help to improve deprived communities and bring tangible benefits to the environment.”

John Phelps

Operations Manager

“Festivals are high-pressured environments needing experience and flexibility, operations at unconventional hours and sometimes a willingness to go the extra mile.”

Daniel Peacey

Regional Sales Manager

“It’s a feeling of belonging and adds extra interest”

An FGR Senior Ambassador from an Independent Living Group in Nailsworth

“I’m delighted to be able to represent FGR. It’s a pleasure to see the next generation of FGR fans coming through and supporting the club and its green credentials.”

Paul, one of the current FGR Senior Ambassadors

“I’m pleased to say that we have made a real difference. Although it is early days, we are confident we can save more money as we get better at segregation, and of course, it is better for the environment too.”

Janka Penther

Restaurant Manager, The Cotswold Plough Hotel

“We have a significant number of outlets who serve coffee and other drinks in disposable paper cups so this move makes complete commercial sense for us and for our tenants. The opportunity to introduce paper cup recycling by Grundon means we divert the thousands of cups that would have ended up in general waste, into recycling and it really does tick all the boxes.”

Cyrus Annan

Centre Manager, London’s Bond Street Shopping Centre

“Introducing mixed recycling meant Xscape Milton Keynes not only exceeded its recycling targets, but also reduced general waste collections by 50% and the implementation programme was cost-neutral due to increased rebates from recycling materials. ”

Carl Meale

General Manager, Xscape Milton Keynes

“Grundon is giving us excellent support, both in practical terms and in helping to identify weaknesses and giving us and our tenants advice and awareness training.”

Kirsty Pollard

General Manager, Brighton Marina

“We weren’t just looking for a waste company that could save us money, we wanted someone who would work with us throughout the journey to improve our environmental credentials.”

Jamie Grierson

Back of House and Logistics Manager, The Grove, luxury 5 star hotel

“The expert guidance Grundon has given us over the years has been invaluable. With a venue like ours, it’s not just down to price, it’s about service as well and Grundon’s is second to none. We have never been let down and they have always been there for us.”

Lee Howkins

Venue Manager, Silverstone

“The one single word that defines how I feel about Grundon is confidence – I have every confidence in their ability to do a job and deliver whatever we may ask of them. That’s why we enjoy working with them so much.”

Alastair Williams

JLL Procurement Category Manager – Soft Services

“Grundon give advice and help solve any waste problems, the fact that they handle all of our waste streams means it is so much simpler for me to manage the contract.”

Steve Sellwood

Facilities Manager, Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust

“I was happy to leave the operation in Grundon’s hands and they were brilliant and took care of everything. Nothing was too much trouble and that allowed us to focus on the business itself. ”

Julien Abbott

Director of TAAB Laboratories Equipment, speaking after a devastating fire at its premises.

“For us, it’s about having the right partnerships and I find that Grundon always does the right thing in making sure we are compliant and giving expert advice rather than just trying to sell us something.”

Bryan Edwards

Professional & Services Warehouse Manager, BRITA UK

Setting up your waste collection couldn’t be any easier

Simply follow these steps today and we’ll provide you with a professional and reliable waste management service.


Tell us about your waste

Tell us about the types and quantities of waste your business generates or schedule a convenient time for one of our waste experts to carry out a free waste audit.


Get a quote

We’ll provide you with a proposal for a bespoke waste management service which is tailored to meet the exact needs of your business.


Schedule your waste collections

We’ll deliver your bins or containers, schedule your collections and start providing you with a first class waste management service – it’s that easy!

Get your instant quote

Get a quote

All the waste services you need from one provider

Our total waste management service enables us to offer the safe and reliable collection and disposal of all different types of waste.


This includes (but is not limited to) the following:


  • Recycling
  • General waste
  • Food waste
  • Glass waste
  • Paper cup recycling
  • Construction and bulky waste
  • Confidential waste
  • Clinical waste
  • Hazardous waste
  • Event waste
  • Tanker services


We also provide extensive Industrial Cleaning services, which includes post-fire or flood clean-up activities.


With tailored services from our fleet of CarbonNeutral® collection vehicles, our own industry-leading state-of-the-art treatment facilities and an extensive range of specialist waste equipment, we provide everything businesses need to achieve their waste and recycling goals.


We also work closely with our subsidiary companies, O.C.O Technology, which specialises in carbon capture technology and the production of carbon neutral manufactured aggregates; and GreenRedeem, specialists in driving changes in waste behaviour.

Frequently asked questions

I currently use several specialist waste companies for my different types of waste, why should I change?

Having several waste collection companies can be a lot harder to manage. You probably have to co-ordinate collections on different days, check invoices from different suppliers with different systems, and of course you’ll be dealing with several account managers who all have their own way of doing things.


Choosing to work with us means you have one dedicated account manager who is your single point of contact. They will really get to know your business, to understand your waste needs and can give you practical advice and information to meet your needs. Our collection service is very flexible so we can increase or decrease collections when you need them, not when your current supplier tells you they will be there.


In addition, by dealing with just one company, we provide a full reporting services for all your waste – for example, you’ll be able to see how your cardboard waste is increasing or decreasing just as easily as you’ll be able to see how your general waste is going down and how much glass waste you’re now sending for reprocessing.

I’m nervous about putting all my eggs in one waste basket

Don’t be, thousands of different companies across a whole range of sectors trust us to look after their total waste management. We’re seen as a trusted supplier and a safe pair of hands by many well-known organisations.


Among them are JLL – including its prestigious International Quarter London (IQL) development in Stratford, and the First Central 200 (FC200) complex in Park Royal, West London. Other total waste management service customers include the LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort, Southside Shopping Centre in London, and Brighton Marina, together with the Forest Green Rovers, the world’s greenest sports venue and Silverstone, home of British Motor Racing.


They know that our experience and expertise delivers the most cost-effective and reliable solutions, and our proactive approach will make a real difference.

Won’t having a total waste management service be more expensive?

No, the fact we can manage all your different waste streams under one roof means we can streamline all your collection and disposal needs.


We tailor our services to your needs – not ours – so you get the best possible value.


We’ve also helped many of our customers to save thousands of pounds and improve recycling targets by restructuring the way they dispose of their waste.


One of the services we offer is a waste audit to identify items that might have a value or help reduce your disposal costs.


For example, food waste is often thrown away in general waste bins but it is actually very heavy. Therefore removing it and sending it to Anaerobic Digestion (AD) instead will reduce your general waste disposal costs.

I want to encourage my employees to be more aware of recycling, how can you help?

We work very closely with customers to help them support recycling messages and make it as easy as possible for their employees to do more.


For example:

  • By organising roadshows, Waste Awareness Days and online training
  • Helping set up Green Teams and groups of Waste Champions
  • Sharing our expertise advice via sustainability newsletters
  • By making sure recycling bins are clearly marked and positioned in busy areas where employees can easily find them
  • Developing posters, in different languages if necessary, to make recycling information simple to follow
  • Providing tailored waste management handbooks for tenants and employees so they understand more about the benefits of recycling
  • Inviting customers to our treatment facilities so they can see for themselves the benefits of recycling and how we treat their waste
  • Enabling customers to share statistics about improving waste management with their employees so they can see what a difference they are making
  • Rewarding staff by entering their successes into awards. In 2019, nine Grundon Waste Management customers won prestigious Green Apple Awards for Environmental Best Practice

Compliance is really important to our business, how can you help?

Most Facilities Managers and others responsible for waste management in their day-to-day roles, rate waste compliance as one of their top priorities. If you get it wrong, the financial penalties can be severe and can also damage an organisation’s reputation.


Staying on top of waste legislation can be challenging and that’s why, if you work with Grundon, we promise to keep you compliant at all times. We believe there is no better solution that to have a team of waste experts at your disposal and whether it’s empty aerosols, out-of-date chemicals, tins of paint or lithium batteries that you need to get rid of, we can manage that process safely and compliantly, giving you complete peace of mind.