Sharps Waste Disposal

  •  Cut carbon emissions by up to 87%
  • VisiLOCK® – minimise sharps injuries
  •  Available from us or NHS Supply Chain
  • Plastic is never wasted – Supporting up to 100 container cycles

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Is incineration your only option for sharps waste containers?

NHS trusts are tasked with a critical and reportable mandate: to achieve a 50% reduction in carbon emissions from waste management by 2026, escalating to 80% between 2028 to 2032.

Each year, millions of single-use sharps containers are needlessly incinerated. At Grundon, we utilise reusable sharps containers, like the Sharpak Zero™. Adopting these could help in reducing your facility’s carbon footprint and establishing sustainable sharps waste management.

Cut carbon emissions with Sharpak Zero™ reusable sharps containers

Grundon provides safe and compliant sharps disposal services for all healthcare settings, from hospitals and pharmacies to laboratories. Sharps bins are designated for disposal of:

  • Needles
  • Syringes
  • Lancets
  • Scalpels
  • Contaminated glass slides and cover slips
  • Razors and blades

Sharpak Zero™ containers meet UN approval and adhere to ISO standard 23907-2:2019 Part 2: Reusable Sharps Containers. The VisiLOCK® closing mechanism ensures world-class safety, securely containing sharps to prevent needle-stick injuries and contamination.

Cut carbon emissions by up to 87%

Each Sharpak Zero™ container uses plastic for up to 100 cycles, minimising environmental impact by only disposing of the sharps waste inside when full

VisiLOCK® – World-class user safety

Closing mechanism eliminates the risk of contamination or sharps injuries. Approved to UN 3291 and ISO23907:2019 Part 2

Available from us or NHS Supply Chain

The Sharpak ZeroTM is supplied directly from Grundon or NHS Supply Chain and requires no change in your purchasing process

Safe process at leading facility

Each container undergoes an automated process to be emptied and sanitised in a controlled environment, achieving top bacterial load reduction

Trusted by over 15,000 businesses

“Grundon give advice and help solve any waste problems, the fact that they handle all of our waste streams means it is so much simpler for me to manage the contract.”

Steve Sellwood

Facilities Manager, Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust

We understand the challenges of sharps waste management

As your trusted waste partner, we will work hand -in-hand with you to ensure that you make informed decisions and adopt practices that support the government’s Net Zero Strategy and meet NHS clinical waste targets.

Innovative solutions, like the reusable sharps container service, ensure your sustainability efforts integrate seamlessly with your operations. Our team of experts provide comprehensive training and support, ensuring your staff are confident and equipped to manage sharps waste effectively.

Moreover, with Grundon’s CarbonNeutral® certified collection service, you’re guaranteed no extra carbon footprint. The Sharpak Zero™ is easily available through us or NHS Supply Chain, and with no changes to your purchasing process, your transition to sustainability will be effortless.

Partner with Grundon and eliminate the risks and burdens associated with sharps waste disposal. Contact us today for a free consultation and let us help you achieve a safer and more efficient environment for your staff.


Tell us about your waste and we’ll provide you with a fully compliant reusable sharps container service to securely store and transport your sharps waste


After waste collection, your containers are emptied, sanitised and prepared for re-use


The containers returned to the supply chain help create a circular system that minimises waste and maximises sustainability

Frequently asked questions

Are there any specific guidelines for using the reusable sharps container?

Grundon provides comprehensive training and support to users of reusable sharps containers. Our team will guide you through proper usage, handling, and disposal processes, ensuring your staff are well-equipped and confident in managing sharps waste.

Are reusable sharps containers available in different sizes or variations?

Sharpak Zero™ containers come in four sizes: 3.5L, 6L, 11L and 22L.

Can the reusable sharps container be safely used multiple times?

Yes, absolutely! When your containers are full, our CarbonNeutral® vehicles collect them and transport them safely to our state-of-the-art disposal facilities.

Using specialised equipment with AI-powered robotics, the container contents are photographed and safely emptied for disposal. The container is then cleaned through an automated cleaning process and put back into the supply chain for re-use.
Each container is fitted with an identifying barcode to track the number of times it has been used. After 10 uses, the sanitised container will be granulated for reprocessing into new sharps containers. After 10 cycles of 10 uses, the plastic is granulated and will be used in other plastic products meaning the plastic is never wasted.
The sharps bin contents undergo energy recovery processing at our High Temperature Incineration Facility. The containers returned to the supply chain help create a circular system that minimises waste and maximises sustainability.

At roughly the same supply cost as single-use sharps bins, Sharpak Zero™ containers save up to 87% of carbon by utilising the plastic for 100 container cycles. Plus, the VisiLOCK® closing mechanism guarantees world-class user safety, every time.

How will reusable sharps containers be collected?

We collect full reusable sharps containers alongside your regular clinical waste collections using specialised vehicles for the safe and secure transportation of sharps containers.

Our timely collections and responsive customer support ensures that your sharps waste management needs are met effectively and promptly. Additionally, our convenient collection service is powered by our certified CarbonNeutral® fleet, ensuring no additional carbon footprint.

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