Clinical waste management, collection and removal

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    Total waste management for clinical waste professionals

    With our specialised clinical waste collection service, we ensure the secure and traceable treatment and disposal of all types of clinical and offensive waste. 

    100% compliance guaranteed

    Ability to treat all clinical waste

    Expert advice from clinical waste experts

    Fully compliant clinical waste management for total peace of mind

    Compliance with Environment Agency regulations is of utmost importance for clinical waste disposal. At Grundon, we handle every aspect of the process and guarantee full compliance.

    Our industry-leading facilities ensure secure segregation, traceability and disposal of a comprehensive range of clinical waste. We’re dedicated to reducing CO2 emissions and helping customers achieve their waste environmental goals through innovative solutions and employee awareness programmes. 

    Bespoke and flexible clinical waste collections

    From the start, our focus is on delivering a compliant and sustainable service that meets your clinical waste management needs. Our flexible and cost-effective collections are tailored to meet your specific requirements. We are relied upon by the NHS, research institutions, local authorities, healthcare facilities and more.

    Zero waste to landfill
    Our network of treatment facilities enables us to divert 100% of your clinical and offensive waste from landfill.

    Free pre-acceptance auditing
    Our clinical waste customers have full access to our pre-acceptance auditing tools at no extra charge.

    Zero waste to landfill

    Our waste wheelers carry 120 wheelie bins of waste. Instead of transporting the bins, they empty the contents on site, saving time and reducing CO2 emissions

    ADR trained drivers

    Our ADR-trained drivers ensure safe and efficient transportation of your waste with appropriate dangerous goods handling awareness

    CarbonNeutral® collections

    Our certified CarbonNeutral® collection fleet will ensure no additional carbon footprint is added to your clinical waste collections

    Achieve your clinical waste targets with confidence

    We’re committed to reducing carbon emissions and have been recognised for our innovative solutions in recycling, sustainability, achieving zero waste to landfill, and promoting waste awareness among employees.

    Our experts provide the necessary technical and legislative support for regulatory compliance. Together, we’ll make informed decisions and implement best practices aligned with your goals, helping you achieve NHS clinical targets.

    Our pre-acceptance audit process helps identify the best solution for your clinical waste, identifying opportunities to make use of the offensive waste stream. Our treatment options include High Temperature Energy Recovery Incineration and Energy from Waste.

    For additional carbon savings for clinical waste disposal, utilise our cutting-edge Inhaler Recycling Service.

    Why choose Grundon?

    Cutting your CO2 emissions

    We proactively work with healthcare professionals to reduce the carbon impacts of their waste management and meet sustainability targets in the new NHS Clinical Waste Strategy.

    Specialised treatment facilities

    We own and operate a range of dedicated fully licensed clinical waste disposal and recovery facilities. These include High Temperature Incineration and Energy from Waste.

    Trusted and experienced clinical waste experts

    Our award-winning clinical waste service has been built on years of expertise. We are trusted by the NHS, leading research institutions, local authorities and many more.

    Our customer’s 
points of view

    “Grundon give advice and help solve any waste problems, the fact that they handle all of our waste streams means it is so much simpler for me to manage the contract.”

    Steve Sellwood

    Facilities Manager, Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust

    Setting up your collections couldn’t be any easier

    Get expert advice on cost-effective clinical waste collections, sustainable best practices and carbon emission reduction – helping you achieve the targets of the NHS Clinical Waste Strategy.  

    Setting up your clinical waste collections is effortless – simply follow these steps today for a professional and reliable healthcare waste management service.


    Tell us about your waste

    Tell us about your clinical waste types and quantities or schedule a convenient time for a free waste audit by our experts.


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    We’ll provide you with a bespoke proposal for a clinical waste management service that perfectly matches your requirements.


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    We’ll deliver your containers, schedule your collections and start providing you with a first-class waste management service – it’s that easy!

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      Frequently asked questions

      Who regulates the disposal of clinical waste?

      The Environment Agency is the regulating authority for the safe management of clinical waste, providing the key principles relating to correct segregation, storage and disposal of waste. The main legislation relating to clinical waste is the Environment Protection Act 1990, which states that all producers of waste have a Duty of Care to ensure the correct management of the waste, ensuring that it is handled correctly. 

      Why do I need a specialist clinical waste management company to handle my waste and how do I know what you’ve done with it?

      The challenges of staying compliant with all the necessary legislation are numerous and time-consuming. Working with a reputable and expert clinical waste management team of professionals ensures absolute compliance and can also help you achieve environmental goals, such as diverting waste away from landfill and reducing your carbon footprint.

      We will provide the necessary reporting data and documentation for you to be able to prove correct compliance and full traceability and security. We keep accurate records and our customers find it valuable to track the progress of improvements, including increased offensive waste and reduced carbon footprint.

      Can you really help me save money and meet my environmental goals?

      Yes, we’ve helped many organisations to improve their sustainability record and make significant savings. For example:   

      • In some Trusts, we have successfully diverted offensive waste (nappies, tissues, dressings etc from non-infectious sources) from infectious waste streams by installing new bins and amending signage. The offensive waste is sent to an Energy from Waste facility, where it creates green energy and provides a much more cost-effective disposal option than Alternative Treatment or High Temperature Incineration. This has saved NHS Trusts money and improved their environmental credentials 
      • We installed cardboard balers to encourage greater segregation of cardboard and collected enough cardboard to give Trusts a significant rebate  
      • Other innovative ideas from healthcare teams include recycling baby bottles, aluminium anaesthetic gas bottles and inhalers. Additionally, we implemented dedicated recycling bins for printer and toner cartridges, ensuring they are separated from general waste. 
      • We have helped recruit teams of Waste Champions, who receive training and access to information to promote the importance of waste management among their colleagues. 

       Our focus is very much on a tailored approach and our clinical waste experts know how to make a difference.  

      In 2019, we were thrilled when three of our NHS Trust customers won Green Apple Awards for Environmental Best Practice in the Wastes Management NHS and Healthcare category.    

       Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust won a prestigious Gold Green Apple Award, Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust received a Silver, and London North West Healthcare (LNWH) NHS Trust won a Bronze. 

      How can you help us to better engage employees in improving clinical and offensive waste management?

      Improving waste management relies on effective training and communication to help employees understand its benefits. We work closely with our customers to ensure that individuals and departments at all levels have the confidence and information they need to improve waste management. As a result, it is often employees who come to us with new ideas for recycling different products and many of these have been adopted. 

      • Waste Awareness Days and events 
      • Helping set up Green Teams and groups of Waste Champions 
      • Online and face-to-face training sessions, including opportunities to engage with shift workers 
      • Tailored events for areas with high non-conformance rates 
      • Better labelling and signage for clinical waste bins 
      • Relocation of clinical waste bins to side rooms and areas with potential risk of infection.   
      • Enabling customers to share statistics about improving waste management with their employees so they can see the difference they’re making 
      • Entering awards – several NHS Trusts and other customers have won awards for waste management best practice by working with us

      Is clinical waste only produced by the healthcare profession?

      No. The term clinical waste also applies to certain wastes collected from a wide range of organisations. These will include care and nursing homes, life science establishments, universities, specialist clinics, tattoo parlours, dental surgeries, veterinary surgeries, hairdressers and beauty salons. 

       Our team of experts can advise on the best compliant and cost-effective disposal methods for all clinical waste.

      What are the benefits of using Grundon’s total waste management service?

      Peace of mind that your operation is fully compliant with all legislation and the knowledge that you are working with an award-winning company which guarantees the safe and secure disposal of all your clinical and offensive wastes. Our years of expertise and the fact we have our own in-house facilities enables us to provide services and solutions at cost-effective prices.