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glass waste collection and recycling service

The hassle-free mixed glass collection and recycling service

Our dedicated collection and recycling service for waste glass is simple to use, convenient and environmentally friendly.

Grundon - Easy to use
Easy to use

With our easy to use glass waste service there’s no need to separate your glass by colour, simply co-mingle it

Grundon - Reduce your disposal costs
Reduce your disposal costs

By segregating heavy glass waste from your general waste you can dramatically reduce your waste disposal cost

Grundon - 100% of glass recycled
100% of glass recycled

We will recycle your glass waste into new products, including recycled aggregates

In the past the recycling of glass has proven to be a challenge, as many waste management companies have required it to be segregated by colour (e.g. clear, green and brown). This was not only difficult to achieve successfully, but it was also very labour intensive and required multiple glass bins, which presented its own problem for those in the hospitality sector, where space for containers is restricted.

However, at Grundon, we provide a collection and recycling service for mixed colour glass waste.

By being able to co-mingle your glass waste, with no need to separate it by colour, you can save time, effort and money.

It’s also environmentally friendly, with all of our collections being certified CarbonNeutral®, meaning that every time we collect your glass waste we are not adding to your carbon footprint.

Our convenient glass waste collection and recycling service is ideal for business in the hospitality sector, such as pubs, clubs, bars, restaurants, hotels; as well as any business that may find it hard to separate the different colours of glass or doesn’t have room on site for multiple glass bins.

There are many benefits to segregating your glass for collection and recycling.

Although glass may represent a small volume of waste being produced by most businesses, due to its heavier weight when compared with other waste materials such as mixed recycling and general waste, it can dramatically increase your disposal costs.

By segregating your glass waste and having a dedicated collection service for it, you can not only boost your recycling rates, you can also cut your waste management costs.

Our service provides an environmentally friendly way to dispose of your glass waste, as the waste is diverted from landfill and is reprocessed into recycled aggregates for use in the construction and road building markets. This has the knock-on effect of reducing the about of virgin aggregates that need to be extracted, further increasing the environmental credentials of our glass waste collection and recycling service.

We can provide the right number and size of glass waste bins and design our certified CarbonNeutral® collection service to include the correct frequency of collections to suit the volumes of glass waste that you produce.

For example, if you’re a pub or restaurant that produces smaller volumes of glass waste, we can provide you with our easy to manoeuvre 240 litre wheeled bins. However, for those businesses that produce larger volumes of glass waste, such as hotels, we can supply 12 yard bottle banks.

Our dedicated collection vehicle will then empty your container and transport your glass waste to a specialist glass reprocessing facility where it can be fully recycled.

No matter how much glass waste you produce, with our easy to use collection and recycling service we can help to reduce your disposal costs and boost your recycling rates.

The hassle-free mixed glass collection and recycling service

Our glass waste collection service is convenient, easy to use and can help reduce your waste management costs