Mixed recycling collection service

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Sustainable recycling solutions that save you money

From plastics to paper, cardboard to cans – waste is a valuable resource. Our mixed recycling collection and treatment services will help you increase recycling and achieve your sustainability targets. And it can even save you money too!

Business recycling made easy

Bespoke collection service

Boost your recycling rates

The easy way to reduce your waste management costs

We make recycling easy – all you need to get started is one mixed recycling bin or container where employees can deposit recyclable materials, such as paper, cardboard, plastics and metal cans.


Disposing of all recyclable items like this is called co-mingling. It’s a very simple approach and it is also an extremely practical use of space because everything goes into one bin.


Once collected and taken to our state-of-the-art Materials Recovery Facilities (MRFs), all the materials are separated and sent for reprocessing – potentially earning you a rebate and successfully diverting them from landfill.

Sustainable and compliant recycling solutions

With our own industry-leading Materials Recycling Facilities (MRFs) and decades of experience supporting businesses of all shapes and sizes with their recycling requirements, we are well-placed to help you make the most from your mixed recycling.


We see waste as a value resource and we focus on the reuse, recycling or recovery of materials, rather than disposing of them via landfill. Not only is this a much greener approach, but it means you don’t have to incur rising Landfill Tax costs either.


Our cost-effective and sustainable solutions will greatly improve recycling performance, help you meet your environmental targets and ensure you stay 100% compliant at every stage.

Just one bin for your recyclable waste

All mixed recycling waste can go into one bin or container

100% diversion from landfill

Removing recyclable materials from general waste saves you money and improves your recycling statistics

Adding value

Recycling materials can earn you money and boost your environmental credentials

Helping you make mixed recycling treatment simple

We understand that many businesses worry about how to manage the disposal of mixed recycling – do they need separate bins for different items and how will they find the space?


The answer is simple. All it takes is one mixed recycling bin or container to get you started and our mixed recycling experts will do the rest. From delivering clearly-marked recycling bins to organising employee awareness events and supplying all the information they need, we have all your needs covered. We can even arrange a visit to one of our Materials Recycling Facilities (MRFs), so you can see for yourselves just what a difference it makes when recycling is done properly.


We also know how important it is to demonstrate return on recycling investment. By measuring and tracking all your recycling, we can provide details of the tonnage of each specific waste stream recycled (glass, cans, plastic, cardboard, paper etc), the rebates gained from sending those materials for recycling, and the equivalent number of trees saved by recycling. The simple and cost-effective way to demonstrate your environmental progress.

Why choose Grundon?

Over 92,000 tonnes recycled every year

Every year we recycle over 92,000 tonnes of dry mixed recycling, giving valuable materials such as paper, card, cardboard, plastics and metals new life

All materials recycled within the UK

We keep of your recycled materials within the UK, ensuring none are sent overseas for reprocessing – reducing the carbon footprint of your collections further

Industry-leading recycling facilities

We operate a network of industry-leading Materials Recovery Facilities which ensure the efficient separation and recovery of materials for recycling and reprocessing

Our customer’s 
points of view

“Introducing mixed recycling meant Xscape Milton Keynes not only exceeded its recycling targets, but also reduced general waste collections by 50% and the implementation programme was cost-neutral due to increased rebates from recycling materials. ”

Carl Meale

General Manager, Xscape Milton Keynes

How it works

Setting up your recycling collections couldn’t be any easier. Simply follow these steps today and we’ll provide you with a professional and reliable waste management service.


Tell us about your waste

Tell us about the types and quantities of waste your business generates or schedule a convenient time for one of our waste experts to carry out a free waste audit.


Get a quote

We’ll provide you with a proposal for a bespoke waste management service which is tailored to meet the exact needs of your business.


Schedule a collection

We’ll deliver your bins or containers, schedule your collections and start providing you with a first class waste management service – it’s that easy!

Your dedicated recycling partner, helping you to reach your environmental goals

Our bespoke mixed recycling collection and disposal service offers a wide range of bins and containers, all of which are clearly labelled to help with the segregation of recycled waste.


We also know that demands can change, our flexible service means that if you require extra bins and containers; to increase the frequency of collections or need to discuss additional signage; then we are only a phone call or email away.


We also believe in making life simple, which is why we work with many of our customers on employee and tenant education programmes, either face-to-face or online.


For example, we help set up Green Teams and Waste Champion programmes, organise Waste Awareness Days and provide handbooks, posters and signage – in different languages if required – to help get the recycling message out to everyone.


We’re always on hand with advice and information if needed, and that includes providing all the necessary tracking, reporting and statistics to help you demonstrate your successful progress towards your environmental goals.


In addition, our entire fleet of collection vehicles is certified CarbonNeutral®, so whenever we collect your waste, not only will the journey be CarbonNeutral®, but it will also avoid adding to your own carbon footprint.

Frequently asked questions

What goes in a mixed recycling bin?

Our mixed waste recycling service collects paper, card, plastic and cans, enabling them to be collected together in one container or bin. We can supply bins of all different shapes and sizes to fit your requirements and we provide signage and posters to make it as easy as possible for everyone to dispose of their waste in the correct place.

Why should I segregate mixed recycling from other waste?

Recyclable waste is a valuable commodity but if it becomes contaminated, then it cannot be used. For example, if a greasy takeaway container of food is thrown into a mixed recycling bin then it can contaminate all the contents and they become worthless for recycling purposes. We go to great lengths to promote education around the do’s and don’ts of mixed recycling and do our best to help people understand why it is important to get it right.

Won’t a separate mixed recycling service be more expensive?

Mixed recycling offers a cost-effective alternative. By diverting waste away from landfill, you won’t be liable to pay Landfill Tax and you can potentially earn a rebate on the materials which are sent for recycling. Of course, mixed recycling also offers a much greener solution.

What happens to the mixed recycling once you’ve taken it away?

Our mixed recycling collection service will take the waste to our state-of-the-art Materials Recovery Facilities (MRFs). There, the different waste streams are separated out, before being baled and sent off for reprocessing into new products.

How can you help me boost my recycling rates?

The first step will be to look at your existing waste streams and how you currently dispose of your waste. We work closely with your in-house teams to identify the opportunities for recycling and then suggest ways of implementing these, for example, by installing mixed recycling bins.


We collect data from all your mixed recycling collections and produce statistics to show the different quantities of recycled waste. By tracking these on a month-to-month basis, you can see how improvements are being made.


We always suggest sharing these with your employees so they can understand the improvements and why recycling is so important.