Industrial and specialist cleaning services for sensitive and hazardous environments

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    Cost-effective and compliant industrial cleaning solutions

    Our Industrial Cleaning Services team is expert at tackling a wide range of scenarios, from environmental and confined space cleaning, to specialist decontamination and disaster recovery projects

    Ensuring full compliance

    Specialists in sensitive and hazardous environments

    Fully-qualified and licensed teams

    Don’t risk of pollution, operational downtime, profit loss or reputational damage

    It’s important for any business to manage and maintain their assets in an efficient and compliant manner. Whether you’re looking to undertake planned preventative maintenance and cleaning, decommissioning or recovering after a disaster, it’s important that you work with a trusted, fully-qualified and licensed partner.

    Protecting the environment and your employees, whilst keeping fully compliant with relevant legislation is important and challenging. Don’t run the risk of pollution, extended operational downtime, the loss of valuable profits or your business’ reputation.

    As industrial cleaning services professionals working across a multitude of sectors, our top priorities are safety and compliance.

    From working in confined spaces to dealing with chemical spills and hazardous waste, the challenges are many and varied. Our teams are fully qualified and trained to tackle all types of industrial services cleaning projects.

    They will keep you compliant, ensure the highest safety standards are adhered to, and deliver the necessary solutions in a cost-effective and efficient way – enabling you to get back to work with the minimum disruption.

    Bespoke service built on decades of expertise and knowledge

    Industrial cleaning covers a very broad range of industries and sectors, which is why it is important to work with qualified professionals who are experts at what they do.

    Grundon’s Industrial Services Cleaning team has over 40 years’ experience in providing specialist decontamination, environmental cleaning and industrial cleaning services.

    Their in-depth knowledge and experience enables them to respond quickly, undertake full risk assessments, and put bespoke programmes in place to deliver optimum performance and first class customer satisfaction.

    From start to finish, the team will manage the entire process, including the cleaning, collection and disposal of all waste materials at our own specialist facilities.

    Innovative approach

    We know no two jobs are the same, so we take a proactive and bespoke approach, working closely with customers to keep disruption to a minimum.

    Emergency response service for disaster-led activities

    Some events, such as a chemical spill, environmental pollution or fire or flood require an immediate response. Our emergency service offers phone support and prompt on-site attendance.

    Licensed teams with an unblemished safety record

    Our teams are trained to the highest level and have the latest PPE and necessary equipment, as well as being OFTEC and CHAS registered and licensed.

    Trust us to manage all your industrial cleaning requirements

    Our industrial cleaning customers range from universities and schools, laboratories and dental surgeries; through to major manufacturers, factories, chemical companies; as well as the leisure and hospitality and aviation sectors.

    From deep cleaning to working in confined spaces and high-level cleaning, we make safety our number one priority.

    Why choose Grundon?

    Full project management service

    We offer a cradle to grave solution with a comprehensive project management service offered by our fully-trained and experienced professionals if required

    Emergency call out service and technical support

    We provide an emergency call out service for incidents such as spill cleaning, mercury detection and pollution control, as well as a technical support line

    Service plans and pre-planned maintenance available

    We offer a range of service plans, such as those for cleaning interceptors, as well as a range of scheduled maintenance services

    Our customer’s 
points of view

    “We believe Grundon will provide the insight and expert advice needed to enhance our recycling efforts and identify further improvements that support and reflect our worldwide conservation efforts, contributing to our mission of Saving Wildlife Together.”

    Jonathan Timney

    Director of Estates, Bristol Zoo

    “It is estimated that Metered Dose Inhalers currently contribute to approximately 4% of the carbon footprint of the NHS, therefore it is vital that we ensure inhalers we dispense are disposed of in the most appropriate way, such as through recycling methods provided by Grundon Waste Management.”

    Oliver Newman

    Assistant Divisional Manager, Swansea Bay University Health Board

    “Grundon have proven over the past three years to over deliver on services – they’re great at what they do and are ideal partners for us.”

    Neil Priscott

    Chief Operating Officer, Gloucestershire County Cricket Club

    “The big thing to take away is to understand that data collection is really important and should be celebrated. The granular information we now have from Grundon – and our wider information around reducing carbon emissions – means we can present hard facts to our colleagues, providing the necessary impetus to effect change for the future. ”

    Peter Watts


    “Without being able to measure our food waste we would never have known how much there was. We see this as a positive because it has given us a target for the future. ”

    Keith Field

    Head of Soft Services, Sodexo

    “This was the first time we had tried to achieve net zero for a large enclosure and Grundon’s aspirations were far greater than ours. It was a real learning curve to see the results that could be achieved.”

    Keith Field

    Head of Soft Services, Sodexo

    “With Grundon, we saw an organisation that wanted to work with us, to challenge us rather than just do what we wanted. They came up with solutions that enabled us to start pushing boundaries, they understood what could be achieved, and have continued to demonstrate new ways of working that exceeded our goals.”

    Peter Watts

    Rockvolt – a specialist consultancy for stadia, venues and events who work closely with Ascot Racecourse

    “Having Grundon on board has given us more control of food waste from the restaurants and cafés, we can manage it more effectively and to the standards that need to be achieved.”

    Jamie Denney

    Sustainability champion and Site Centre Administrator, Rushden Lakes

    “I’m pleased to say that we have made a real difference. Although it is early days, we are confident we can save more money as we get better at segregation, and of course, it is better for the environment too.”

    Janka Penther

    Restaurant Manager, The Cotswold Plough Hotel

    “We have a significant number of outlets who serve coffee and other drinks in disposable paper cups so this move makes complete commercial sense for us and for our tenants. The opportunity to introduce paper cup recycling by Grundon means we divert the thousands of cups that would have ended up in general waste, into recycling and it really does tick all the boxes.”

    Cyrus Annan

    Centre Manager, London’s Bond Street Shopping Centre

    “Introducing mixed recycling meant Xscape Milton Keynes not only exceeded its recycling targets, but also reduced general waste collections by 50% and the implementation programme was cost-neutral due to increased rebates from recycling materials. ”

    Carl Meale

    General Manager, Xscape Milton Keynes

    “Grundon is giving us excellent support, both in practical terms and in helping to identify weaknesses and giving us and our tenants advice and awareness training.”

    Kirsty Pollard

    General Manager, Brighton Marina

    “We weren’t just looking for a waste company that could save us money, we wanted someone who would work with us throughout the journey to improve our environmental credentials.”

    Jamie Grierson

    Back of House and Logistics Manager, The Grove, luxury 5 star hotel

    “The expert guidance Grundon has given us over the years has been invaluable. With a venue like ours, it’s not just down to price, it’s about service as well and Grundon’s is second to none. We have never been let down and they have always been there for us.”

    Lee Howkins

    Venue Manager, Silverstone

    “The one single word that defines how I feel about Grundon is confidence – I have every confidence in their ability to do a job and deliver whatever we may ask of them. That’s why we enjoy working with them so much.”

    Alastair Williams

    JLL Procurement Category Manager – Soft Services

    “Grundon give advice and help solve any waste problems, the fact that they handle all of our waste streams means it is so much simpler for me to manage the contract.”

    Steve Sellwood

    Facilities Manager, Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust

    “I was happy to leave the operation in Grundon’s hands and they were brilliant and took care of everything. Nothing was too much trouble and that allowed us to focus on the business itself. ”

    Julien Abbott

    Director of TAAB Laboratories Equipment, speaking after a devastating fire at its premises.

    “For us, it’s about having the right partnerships and I find that Grundon always does the right thing in making sure we are compliant and giving expert advice rather than just trying to sell us something.”

    Bryan Edwards

    Professional & Services Warehouse Manager, BRITA UK

    Whether you need an emergency call out or scheduled cleaning and maintenance, we’ve got you covered

    Whether you need assistance in an emergency or you need a scheduled cleaning and maintenance service, our expert team are n hand to help.

    Whatever industrial cleaning requirement, working with Grundon couldn’t be any easier.

    Simply follow these steps today and we’ll provide you with a professional and reliable service.


    Tell us about your cleaning requirements

    Whether you need urgent assistance in an emergency or you’re looking to arrange a scheduled programme of cleaning and maintenance works, tell our expert team about your requirements


    Get a quote

    We’ll provide you with a bespoke proposal for services required, including a comprehensive risk assessment and method statement for the works undertaken


    We’ll schedule the works

    Our expert team will schedule the works, causing minimum disruption to your operation, before providing certification which shows the works carried out meet all legislative and compliance regulations

    Get a quote

    Get a quote


      Grundon telephone

      Expertise and specialist skills to the most challenging of jobs

      Our Industrial Services Cleaning teams provides a comprehensive range of services including:

      • Pollution control
      • HAZPACK/HAZMAT spill response
      • Emergency response team
      • Disaster recovery and restoration
      • Working in biologically contaminated buildings
      • High-level or confined space cleaning
      • High-pressure jetting and washing of tanks and vessels (typically solvent tanks, water tanks/Legionella sterilisation/hazardous chemical tanks, drainage, pits and culverts etc)
      • Deep cleaning and off-site remediation services for both commercial customers and private individuals (spas, swimming pools, commercial kitchens etc)
      • Safe removal and disposal of waste (typically heavy fuel oil/ resins/inks/chemicals/asbestos/fire or flood damaged waste/low-level radioactive etc)
      • Mercury detection and clean-up services for dental surgeries and laboratories
      • Removal and clean-up of fly-tipped waste

      Projects include facility decommissioning, surfaces decontamination, air handling systems, deep cleaning, waste identification and the packaging and subsequent safe and compliant transportation and disposal of such waste.

      We also provide support and expertise to the emergency services to assist with cleaning up spillages or fire-damaged property; and we help councils and landowners with fly-tip clearances, including the safe collection and disposal of anything from drug litter to household and asbestos waste.

      Our teams have access to the latest PPE and other apparatus, including specialist lifting, removal and transportation equipment.

      We also recognise that, in order to minimise downtime, cleaning programmes may have to take place during company shutdown periods, which is why our service is available 365 days a year.

      Our experience includes working with, and alongside, non-governmental organisations in the UK and overseas, international agencies, government and major companies around the world.

      Frequently asked questions

      How soon should I start planning my industrial cleaning programme?

      The earlier we can become involved, the better we can work to your timetable. For example, we know maintenance in the manufacturing sector often takes place during periods such as the summer or Christmas holidays when production lines stop for a limited time. By talking to us in advance, we can ensure we meet your needs at a time that suits you and creates minimum disruption for the business. We take a very flexible approach and you can always call us to discuss your ideas.

      How quickly can you respond to an emergency?

      We offer a fast emergency response service with advice from an expert over the phone to help mitigate the immediate problem, followed by on-site attendance, clean-up and disposal.


      Depending on the location and circumstances, we would normally aim to be on-site within two hours. Our priorities will always be safety and containment of the problem and we do everything we can to minimise disruption, allowing our customers to resume operations as soon as it is possible to do so.

      Do I need to put a ‘what if’ disaster plan in place?

      Ideally yes. Whether it is an accident, incident or a planned event, such as a relocation of facilities; the key to managing the activity successfully is good planning.


      We work closely with our customers to understand potential issues and plan for worse case scenarios.


      For example, a simple planning meeting can help establish issues such as:


      • undertaking a formal risk assessment
      • identifying which chemicals and other hazardous wastes are present on-site
      • ensuring easy access to relevant areas and/or storage cupboards
      • making sure all containers and/or hazardous waste is located and clearly identified
      • understanding if existing emergency procedures are in place


      Putting the basics such as this information in place early provides both peace of mind and secures valuable time in the event of disaster.

      What are some of the industrial cleaning projects you’ve worked on?

      Access can often be an issue – we worked on one project where the laboratory facilities were on the fourth floor of a building with no lift and very narrow stairs, so we had to be very clever in the way we managed the arrival of our equipment.


      High-level cleaning brings its own challenges, especially when you are carrying cleaning equipment and cameras, but our expert teams are very experienced and will always find a way to succeed.


      For another industrial customer, we carry out annual cleaning of giant vessels used for mixing bitumen, rubbers and oils. Over time, these materials can accumulate on the sides, reducing capacity and efficiency of the motor and mixing blades. We undertake this very complex cleaning task in a two-day period over the Christmas shutdown, ensuring business continuity is unaffected.

      Do you only work with large companies?

      No, we work for a range of customers, from large commercial organisations through to spas and private customers who may wish to have swimming pools or sculptures cleaned.


      Recently, we undertook a restoration project for a large hotel which required its pool and spa area to be deep cleaned to remove all traces of limescale deposits, legacy scum, mould and mildew.

      How do you dispose of waste products and what paperwork is provided?

      We offer a complete hazardous waste classification, packaging and disposal service. This includes the indexing, categorisation and packaged of all chemicals and other waste products into United Nations (UN) approved packaging, meeting the requirements for specialist transportation and disposal.


      All tanker drivers are fully ADR trained and licensed to carry Dangerous Goods by Road. This enables Grundon to transport a range of hazardous liquid wastes and materials for treatment at our own facilities, which include a Hazardous Waste Transfer Station.


      We provide all the necessary certification which shows the work has been carried out to meet all legislation and compliant regulations.

      Are your services expensive?

      The most important element of these difficult and challenging projects is the safety of employees (our and yours), together with compliance and security. We make these issues a priority and, while there may be companies which offer reduced prices, if you choose to work with us it will be safe in the knowledge you have chosen a team which achieves outstanding results, has 40+ years’ of experience and an unblemished safety record.


      We also work hard to bring innovative new ideas and technology to market, such as our mercury detector and vacuum, which dramatically reduces the time involved in mercury clean-up operations and therefore helps keep costs down.