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    The cost-effective solution for small volumes of hazardous waste

    Haz-Box is Grundon’s simple and cost-effective solution for organisations to dispose of small quantities of hazardous waste in a convenient, compliant and cost-effective way.

    Bespoke collection service

    Ensuring full compliance

    Team of highly-qualified chemists

    Haz-Box is the hazardous waste disposal service that keeps your business fully compliant

    Hazardous waste must be collected by a registered waste carrier, such as Grundon.

    It comes in many shapes and sizes – from batteries to printer inks; cleaning chemicals to paints or aerosols; and smaller items of mixed waste electrical equipment (WEEE).

    Small enough to fit under a table or inside a cupboard, our Haz-Box is the perfect solution for storing small items of hazardous waste. When the Haz-Box is full, simply give us a call and we’ll come to collect it.

    Remember that strict legislation is in place to govern hazardous waste collection and disposal, any companies which do not abide by these rules risk being fined.

    Our Haz-Box service guarantees 100% compliance with all relevant waste legislation. It is designed to give customers peace of mind that all hazardous waste is being disposed of correctly and legally – while at the same time maximising opportunities for reuse and recovery.

    Expertise and experience to guarantee the safe and compliant removal and disposal of your hazardous waste

    Grundon has decades of experience in the safe, secure and compliant removal and disposal of hazardous waste.

    Our team of experts, including our ADR (Carriage of Dangerous Goods Certified) trained drivers and degree-qualified ChemPack chemists, take care of your waste throughout every stage of its journey.

    Our Hazardous Waste Transfer Station in Oxfordshire employs the latest Best Available Technologies (BAT) and industry-leading processing and recycling methods to maximise recycling opportunities and guarantee 100% compliance with legislation.

    We also provide detailed records so you can track what has happened to your waste and demonstrate compliance if required.

    Bespoke collection service

    Hazardous waste collections that meet your needs and your timetable

    Ensuring full compliance

    Guaranteeing your business is fully compliant with all relevant hazardous waste regulations

    Team of highly-qualified chemists

    Qualified ChemPack chemists who are experts in the classification, handling and treatment of hazardous waste

    Specialist support when you need it most

    We have been leading the way in compliant hazardous waste removal for decades.

    Our highly-qualified and skilled teams have a wealth of specialist knowledge, and our satisfied customers include businesses, education establishments, local authorities and the emergency services. Every single day, we help them to ensure the safe and compliant disposal of all their hazardous waste – large or small.

    We have invested millions of pounds in ensuring our Hazardous Waste Transfer Station has the latest industry-leading technology, enabling us to keep pace with ongoing changes to legislation at every turn.

    Throughout, our commitment is to provide the best possible bespoke, compliant and professional service for all our customers.

    Why choose Grundon?

    Expert advice from experienced professionals

    Our expert team is always up-to-date with the latest legislation and can provide advice on the disposal of all your hazardous waste

    ADR trained drivers and specialist collection vehicles

    We operate our own fleet of specialist collection vehicles, driven by ADR (Carriage of Dangerous Goods Certified) trained drivers

    Safe disposal at industry-leading treatment facilities

    We focus on the recycling and recovery of hazardous waste using industry-leading technology at our own treatment facilities

    Setting up your construction and bulky waste collections couldn’t be any easier

    Setting up your Haz-Box waste collection service couldn’t be any easier. Simply follow these steps today and we’ll provide you with a professional and reliable waste management service.


    Tell us about your waste

    Tell us what hazardous waste you have


    We’ll deliver your Haz-Box

    We’ll deliver your Haz-Box so you can start using it to store your hazardous waste


    We’ll start collecting

    We’ll schedule your collections to suit you

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      Frequently asked questions

      We’re a small company, so I’m not sure if we have any hazardous waste?

      Hazardous waste comes in many shapes and sizes, so it is likely that you do have some items on your premises that will require specialist hazardous waste disposal.

      For example:

      • Fluorescent tubes
      • Aerosols
      • Inks
      • Batteries
      • Solvents and resins – including cleaning products
      • Waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) – including computer equipment or TVs or fridges
      • Contaminated wipes or rags
      • Paint and paint tins

      I’m not sure I have the space to store all these items separately.

      That is exactly why we developed our Haz-Box service. We fully understand that many businesses have limited storage space.

      The Haz-Box is small and neat enough to fit under a table or in a cupboard and it comes with its own protective lid. It measures xxx by xxx and the idea is you use it to store a variety of different small items of hazardous waste. Typically, over the course of a month, that might mean used printer cartridges, light bulbs, cleaning fluids or aerosols and a few contaminated rags or PPE.

      Just pop them in there, keep the lid on, and let us know when you want it collected. We won’t tie you down to a rigid timetable, we’ll suit the frequency of our collections to when the Haz-Box is full.


      What happens if some of my hazardous waste items are too big to fit in the Haz-Box?

      Then just give us a call. We offer a full range of hazardous waste collection services and our experts will be ready to advise and assist you.

      We find it challenging to keep track of all the various waste legislation. How can you help us?

      We know it is quite a demanding task, which is why we we’re here to help.

      By putting your waste in Grundon’s hands you can be assured that you will be 100% compliant at every stage.

      This is really important because businesses which are non-compliant with waste legislation risk being fined, which not only impacts them financially but can also damage their reputation with their customers and the wider public.

      Can hazardous waste be recycled?

      Yes, very often it can. The contents of your Haz-Box will be assessed by our degree-trained team of ChemPack chemists.

      They will take every opportunity to identify waste that can be recovered, reprocessed or recycled.

      For example, our cable granulation facility strips plastic or rubber sleeves from cables and granulates it into pellets ready for reconstitution. Copper in cables can be granulated into a coarse powder and sent for metal reclamation.