Green light for drivers after successful apprenticeship programme

Eight trainee Large Goods Vehicle (LGV) drivers are on the road to a new career after successfully completing their apprenticeships with Oxfordshire company Grundon Waste Management.

Their success marks the latest stage in Grundon’s strategy to help tackle the shortfall of 60,000 LGV drivers nationwide through its driver apprenticeship programme.

Celebrating success: Clayton Sullivan-Webb, managing director of Grundon Waste Management and Lisa Dixon, managing director of JLD Driver Training (pictured centre), celebrate with Grundon’s successful apprentices.

Anthony Tattersall, Grundon’s logistics support manager who is in charge of the training, said: “Congratulations to all the trainees who have done extremely well to pass their qualifications at the first attempt.

“We recognise there is a real need to attract more people into the LGV industry and we are working hard to encourage and recruit new candidates to apply for our apprenticeship schemes.”

Presenting the new recruits with their certificates, Clayton Sullivan-Webb, managing director of Grundon, said: “We are committed to offering the highest quality training and career opportunities and must congratulate all those who have done so well today.

“Our drivers are the front line of our customer service and they play a very important role in flying the flag for Grundon. We wish them long and successful careers with the company and I look forward to celebrating again with the next cohort of successful apprentices very soon.”

Keen to support and train future drivers, Grundon has a further 17 apprentices – with ages ranging from 21 through to 50 – currently studying for their qualifications.

The apprenticeships, undertaken in partnership with Banbury-based JLD Driver Training, and part funded by Activate Learning, take an average of 12-18 months to complete and the Grundon drivers’ pass rate is over 90%, well above the industry average of 50%.

Lisa Dixon, managing director at JLD Driver Training, said: “JLD has been training Grundon drivers for over four years, the new apprenticeship scheme has worked really well and has encouraged younger drivers into the industry. The trainee drivers gain valuable skills during the apprenticeship including maths and English qualifications. We are pleased with the success of the scheme and hope it will encourage other companies to look at trainee drivers.”

Overall, Grundon invests more than £7,000 in each apprentice before they become a fully-fledged member of the driving team, including the JLD training and ongoing employment costs.

All eight of the successful apprentices will now join the Grundon team of around 400 drivers serving the company’s customers across the Thames Valley.

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