Two Welsh councils sign £400k aerosol recycling contract

Blaenau Gwent Council and Powys County Council have signed a new five-year agreement totalling £400,000 for the safe collection and recycling of household aerosols.

Their latest contract with Grundon Waste Management ensures the councils are in pole position for the new Welsh Government regulations which began on 6 April, mandating the separate collection and recycling of aerosols.

The new agreement is an extension of an existing partnership which, in the last four years, has seen Blaenau Gwent Council lead in sustainable waste management by recycling two million aerosols, while, Powys County Council has added a further 100,000 to the total.

Grundon’s award-winning aerosol recycling facility enables every single part of the aerosol to be recovered or recycled, with the propellant gases repurposed for use in other industries, such as air-conditioning and refrigeration systems, while the metal canisters and plastic casings are sent for recycling or reprocessing. To date, over 200 tonnes of valuable metal have been recycled.

The Blaenau Gwent Council contract is worth around £75,000 a year, while the Powys County Council is some £5,000pa.

Deputy Leader Cllr Helen Cunningham, Cabinet Member for Place and Environment, said:By working in partnership with Powys County Council, we have been able to find an environmental solution to aerosol recycling that conforms to the new Welsh Government legislation that begin on 6 April.”

“Aerosols need to be recycled safely as they often contain hazardous substances and gases. This joint working arrangement allows Blaenau Gwent to conform to the regulations and adhere to our sustainability targets.”

Deputy Leader Cllr Helen Cunningham

Cabinet Member for Place and Environment

Meanwhile, Paul McConaghy, Grundon’s Commercial Manager – Hazardous Waste, said: “We’re delighted to have extended our partnership with Blaenau Gwent Council and Powys County Council to continue recycling the thousands of aerosols that are thrown away every day from households across South Wales. By doing so, they have shown they have led the way ahead of the new legislation. Our capability to recycle or repurpose every part of aerosols supports the circular economy by ensuring nothing is wasted and assists the councils in meeting their sustainability goals while remaining at the forefront of environmental progress.”

Grundon’s aerosol recycling capabilities are part of their continuous efforts to collaborate with local councils in finding innovative solutions for a greener and more sustainable Wales.