Grundon to appeal council’s decision on Shore Road development

Grundon Waste Management has today submitted its Appeal to the Directorate for Planning and Environmental Appeals (DPEA) against the decision earlier this year by Perth & Kinross Council to refuse its reserved matters application for an Energy from Waste facility at Shore Road, Perth.

Grundon’s Senior Planner, Veronique Bensadou, believes the revised proposal –submitted by the company in May 2011 – addresses the specific issues raised by Perth & Kinross Council, takes into consideration the DPEA Reporter’s conclusions on the previous appeal and reflects the most up to date advice and guidance from SEPA and the Scottish Government – where the Zero Waste Plan 2010 acknowledges the significant role of energy from waste.

“The proposed change in technology to a gasification process would reduce the overall scale of the proposed development. This would significantly reduce the potential visual impact of the facility on the landscape and visual amenity of the area. The proposed buildings are now similar in height to other existing buildings on the Shore Road and in keeping with the industrial character of the area”.

Both as part of the application process and during the determination period, Grundon has provided significant information and technical assessments to address the concerns raised by both statutory consultees and the Council, particularly in relation to noise, air quality and odour.

Veronique adds, “We do understand why the general public may be concerned about the proposals, and professional officers have a role to play in making sure that the public are provided with full and accurate information to help them form realistic judgements on development proposals. We firmly believe – and have demonstrated – that our proposal would not result in any adverse effects on the local environmental quality or amenity of the surrounding area.”

“Outline planning permission has already been granted for the facility so the principle of acceptability of the proposed development at this location has already been established and is not an issue. We trust that once the Reporter has evaluated all the factual data provided by the company, he will recognise that our proposal to turn local waste into renewable power and heat – while meeting the needs of the community at the same time – is the best solution for the people of Perth”.

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