Although Grundon Waste Management is not surprised by Perth and Kinross Council’s decision to refuse its reserved matters application for an energy from waste facility at Shore Road, Perth, it remains concerned and disappointed by the approach the council has taken during its consideration of the matter.

Specifically, feedback from the Environmental Health Manager in relation to air quality, noise and odour has not been relayed to the company or its environmental consultants – even during discussions held as recently as 16th January.

In a similar vein, feedback from SEPA was delivered late and requested additional material within an extremely short time frame.

Grundon and its consultants strongly believe that using conventional methodology for assessments and allowing a significant margin for worst case impacts, acceptable levels for air quality, noise and odour could be delivered and controlled by planning conditions if necessary.

Grundon’s senior planner Veronique Bensadou, understands why the general public may be concerned about the proposals, but believes that professional officers should act appropriately in their consideration of potentially contentious planning applications.

“Outline planning permission has already been granted for the facility so the acceptability of the principle of the proposed development is not an issue.

“The current application reflects comments made by the Scottish Government Reporter at the end of 2010, addresses issues raised by the Perth and Kinross Community Councils and incorporates the most up to date advice from the Scottish Government and SEPA.

“We fail to understand why PKC’s Environmental Health Manager posted significant information about air quality, odour and noise on the council’s planning portal in November – but did not provide this to our technical consultants RPS.

"Once we have received and evaluated the Officer’s report following the council meeting, we will decide on our most appropriate course of action".

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