May the FORS be with you!

Grundon Waste Management has achieved silver accreditation at its flagship Colnbrook site near Slough in the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS). This adds to its company-wide bronze level achieved in October.

FORS drives best practice and safety across Europe’s fleet industry and the FORS scheme is a widely respected national standard that has safety, efficiency and environmental sustainability at its heart.

Grundon drivers celebrate FORS accreditations
Grundon drivers celebrate FORS accreditations

This is the company’s first, important, step in going for company-wide silver then gold in the European-wide accreditation programme.

Group Logistics Manager, John Stephens, said: “Grundon has around 250 commercial vehicles, and our drivers cover thousands of miles every day. FORS helps us improve performance across our fleet, including how our vehicles are driven and offers driver and transport manager training.”

John added: “We want our drivers to be kings of the road in good driving and road awareness, because the better they drive, the safer our roads and highways will be. The FORS standard also includes how drivers can improve fuel economy of their vehicles, which helps reduce fuel emissions and increases productivity.”

With emissions an increasingly important concern for many cities, the FORS Award builds on Grundon’s 2014 achievement when the waste management company’s entire fleet of vehicles were certified CarbonNeutral® through its support of a community reforestation project in rural Uganda, which helps businesses offset its vehicle emissions.

FORS Silver and Bronze accreditations
FORS Silver and Bronze accreditations

The next step for Grundon will be going for gold, first at its major Colnbrook depot near Slough, then rolling out silver then gold accreditation across all company depots.

“To achieve the higher levels of accreditation, we will be equipping our vehicles with more technology, including side scanning 360 degree cameras and more data monitoring,” says John. Silver accreditation also includes the achievement of increased vehicle fuel efficiency.

John says that FORS accreditation offers significant benefits to Grundon. “This is one highly regarded standard which we can roll out across all our depots throughout the region. Our drivers like the fact that the vehicles they are in charge of have the best technology to get the job done efficiently and safely.”

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