Lakeside Energy from Waste and O.C.O Technology sign 10-year deal

Lakeside Energy from Waste and O.C.O Technology have signed a 10-year contract to recycle the Air Pollution Control (APC) residues created by the flue gas capture systems at the Colnbrook, Slough, Energy from Waste (EfW) facility. 

The deal further extends the existing relationship between the two businesses. O.C.O Technology began recycling Lakeside’s APC residues four years ago, a key factor in helping Lakeside become the UK’s first zero waste to landfill EfW in 2017.

Steve Greig, Managing Director of O.C.O Technology, said: “I am delighted we have secured this contract with Lakeside. It cements the already close relationship between the two businesses and enhances our position as the principal recycler of incineration residues in the UK.”

Danny Coulston, Lakeside Operations Director, said: “This contract underlines our commitment to the sustainable generation of electricity from residual waste materials. In 2017, we led the way to zero waste to landfill for Energy from Waste facilities and are delighted that this long-term commitment is reflected in the new, 10-year contract with O.C.O Technology.”

The new contract offers the exciting prospect of maintaining the zero waste to landfill industry benchmark over the next decade.

O.C.O Technology is one of the world’s biggest commercial carbon capture and utilisation businesses, with three operational facilities in the UK and three active development projects overseas.

Its Accelerated Carbonation Technology (ACT) process uses waste carbon dioxide gas as a resource to transform the APC residues into the world’s first truly carbon-negative aggregate.

Lakeside Energy from Waste Ltd is a joint venture between two well established resource management companies, Grundon and Viridor. It operates the award-winning Energy from Waste (EfW) facility at Colnbrook near Slough, which sits within a complex where waste from councils, businesses and hospitals is collected, recycled and treated.

O.C.O Technology (formerly Carbon8 Aggregates), in which Grundon is a major investor, has developed a carbon capture and utilisation process to treat and stabilise thermal residues, and in turn valorise them into sustainable construction products such as carbon negative aggregate.

With the unique use of carbon dioxide within its treatment process, O.C.O Technology is ranked within the top 10 companies in the world for permanent carbon capture in a commercialised process. It is also believed to be the only company in the world that produces an aggregate that is truly carbon negative. For further information go to