Grundon pledge doubles fund raising support to protect Oxfordshire woodlands

Grundon Waste Management have pledged to match-fund the Earth Trust’s autumn appeal to protect and nurture some of Oxfordshire’s most special and important woodlands, doubling the impact of donations received.

Throughout 2021 the impacts of climate change have been headlines news, with wildfires raging across Turkey, Cyprus, Greece and California; and deadly floods hitting Germany, Belgium, Luxemburg and the Netherlands.

And as world leaders prepare to meet in Glasgow for the UN Climate Change Summit – COP26 – the Earth Trust, an environmental learning charity which champions access to natural green spaces, are focussing their attention on answering the ecological emergency through the practical solution nature offers.

The Earth Trust manages woodlands and green spaces across Oxfordshire, which are increasingly under pressure from invasive species, pest and the effects of a changing climate.

The ‘Nurturing the Earth Trust’s Woodlands’ appeal aims to raise funds to care for 130 hectares of unique and precious woodland, ensuring that it’s eco-systems function and flourish, sequester carbon and help to combat climate change.

All donations received will enable the Earth Trust to protect the woodland from invasive species, pests and disease; as well as providing a valuable habitat for numerous species of birds, mammals, insects and amphibians. They will also be used to enhance public access to the woodlands.

Grundon are supporting the appeal by matching the first £2,000 of donations received.

Commenting on Grundon’s support of the appeal Neil Grundon, Deputy Chairman, said: “We’re pleased to be supporting the Earth Trust’s fund raising appeal to nurture their unique and precious woodlands. Woodlands play a key role in combatting climate change, they play hosts to a wealth of biodiversity and they provide spaces which we can enjoy for the benefit of our own health – both mentally and physically.

“I think it is important that local companies get involved with local projects that make a really big difference. So I would urge people to support the work of the Earth Trust and donate today.”