Grundon joins Get Nature Positive movement

Grundon Waste Management have pledged to put nature and biodiversity at the heart of its decision-making by joining the Get Nature Positive movement.

By joining the Get Nature Positive journey Grundon has committed to act as an ‘environmental champion’ and to encourage its customers, supply chain partners, networks and peers to do the same.

The Get Nature Positive movement and supporting handbook have been created to help businesses prepare for and navigate the global effort to change the curve of nature and biodiversity loss.

Established by The Council for Sustainable Business (CSB), a group of business leaders appointed by DEFRA, the Get Nature Positive movement is committed to developing successful businesses and enhancing nature – believing the two objectives go hand-in-hand.

Its purpose is to act as a sounding board for ministers and as ‘environmental champions’ within the business community.

A statement on the Get Nature Positive website says: “Nature is everybody’s business. Nature is vital to the health and wellbeing of our society and the economy. We have a shared responsibility to care for our planet and the nature that surrounds us. Business can’t exist without nature. It’s that simple. So looking after nature makes good business sense.”

As part of the campaign, the Nature Handbook for Business has been created as a way to showcase some of the ways that business across a variety of industry sectors can and are becoming more nature positive, both in terms of protecting the environment and becoming more financially sustainable. These case studies also serve as examples of how good business activity contributes to the general well-being of all parts of society.

Get Nature Positive states the Nature Handbook is a work in progress, with an ambition for continued evolution and updates as it grows its network and community over the coming months and years.

“We do not claim that the impacts or solutions we’ve presented (with help from a wide range of experts from NGOs, academia, government, and business) are exhaustive or perfect, but hope they act as conversation-starters in your business that lead to action.”

Grundon’s state-of-the-art aerosol recycling plant in Oxfordshire features as a case study within the Nature Handbook for setting new standards for the most environmentally friendly and cost-efficient recycling of waste aerosols.