COVID-19 Lateral Flow Test Waste Disposal

Lateral flow tests are used to detect COVID-19 in a rapid and timely manner, providing a test result within 30 minutes.

If used in a household the tests can simply be placed in general waste. However, if the tests are used in a business/organisation setting, for example in a school or university, the rules on waste disposal differ.

Government legislation stipulates that any waste that derives from lateral flow tests (including the PPE used by staff administering the tests) cannot be placed in general waste or mixed recycling.

Instead, the waste must be segregated out into dedicated containers/sacks and sent for specialist disposal.

How should I store the waste?

The test kits and PPE must be stored separately.

The test kits should be placed in a bag of neutral colour and placed in a dedicated container ready for collection.

Any PPE worn by staff administering the tests is classed as offensive waste and should be placed in yellow sacks with at least one black stripe. Sacks should then be placed in a separate container ready for collection.

How can Grundon help?

Grundon are fully licensed to securely collect and dispose of these types of waste, ensuring you remain fully compliant.
If you do not already have dedicated sacks we can provide these for you, in addition to the containers to store the sacks in. We can then set up scheduled collections and transport your waste to our specialist facilities for secure and safe treatment, giving you peace of mind that you are compliant with all waste legislation.

Get a quote

To get a quote for your lateral flow test waste, please email and include the below details:

  • How many tests your organisation expects to carry out per day
  • If you have a requirement for sacks

Alternatively, you can speak to a member of our expert team by calling 01753 686 777.