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Welcome to Grundon

Grundon is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of integrated

waste management and environmental solutions, working

in partnership with customers to help minimise the financial

and environmental impacts of their waste. We provide a total

waste management service for the reduction, reuse, recycling,

recovery and disposal of waste. We own and operate an 

extensive fleet of varied and purpose-built collection vehicles,

in addition to a range of industry-leading, state-of-the-art

treatment facilities. 

Our Operating Area

Grundon services a large part of the south of England, including

London. To find the nearest depot offering our recycling and

waste collection services please use our postcode lookup service.

Please note that our Technical Department provides a hazardous

waste collection service through mainland UK. For further

information about the locations of our depots and quarries,

including maps, directions and operating hours please visit

the Contact Us section.

Delivering Responsibly

At Grundon we are committed to delivering our services responsibly

and sustainably, ensuring that we meet the needs of our

customers while managing the social, environmental and

economic impacts of our operations and services.

We recognise that by working with our customers, employees

and the communities in which we serve, we can make a

greater contribution to a more sustainable society.

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Customer Service

We believe that our customers should be highly satisfied with the service they receive. To deliver this service we listen carefully to the specific requirements and commercial needs.
We work at all times to provide the best available solutions,taking into account the need to ensure that our customers are fully compliant with all relevant legislation. We strive to get it right first time, every time.

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