Business Waste Management

Reliable collection and recycling services for businesses and organisations who want to be sustainable and save money.

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Reliable service

Over 15,000 businesses trust our reliable service

Save money

Cost effective solutions for all your business waste

Boost recycling

Boost your recycling rates and become even greener

The easy way to manage all of your commercial waste

We know that as a business owner it can be challenging and time consuming to know how best to manage your waste, especially with the many types of waste your business will generate.


You want to keep costs down, while also maximising recycling and improving your environmental credentials.


That’s where Grundon can help you. We provide a cost-effective, compliant and reliable waste management service.

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All the waste and recycling services you need under one roof

Our total waste management service provides the safe and reliable collection, treatment and disposal of all different waste types. We provide all the waste services you need under one roof and will help your business achieve your recycling and sustainability goals.

Commercial Waste Management

Commercial Waste Management

Grundon’s commercial waste collection and disposal service has the experience and expertise to handle all your business’s waste, guaranteeing 100% compliance with all relevant legislation.


General Waste

We provide a reliable collection and disposal service for all waste that cannot be recycled. We guarantee 100% diversion from landfill, saving you money on Landfill Tax fees, whilst treating the waste at Energy from Waste facilities to create electricity.



From plastics to paper, cardboard to cans – waste is a valuable resource. Our mixed recycling collection and treatment services will help you increase recycling and achieve your sustainability targets. And it can even save you money too!


Food Waste

Food waste is very heavy, meaning it adds pounds to the cost of your general waste disposal. We offer a specialist food waste and collection service which helps you cut costs and reduce the amount of food thrown away.


Glass Waste

Grundon’s mixed glass collection and recycling service makes disposing of unwanted glass simple. All your different coloured glass can go straight into one container and we’ll take it away for guaranteed 100% recycling.


Paper Cup Recycling

Our easy-to-use paper cup recycling service sends all your used paper cups for specialist reprocessing and turns them into recycled paper.


Confidential Waste

Our confidential waste collection and destruction service provides a cost-effective and secure solution for all types of confidential data and waste.


Construction & Bulky Waste

Our collection and disposal service for construction waste and bulky materials is easy to use and promises to maximise your recycling while keeping you compliant with all relevant waste legislation.


Secure Destruction

Our secure destruction service guarantees the absolute destruction of cosmetics, beverages, e-waste, counterfeit items, recalled products, and other critical materials.

Specialist Waste Management

Hazardous Waste

We offer a collection, recycling and disposal service for all hazardous waste streams, providing a cost-effective solution that ensures you are fully compliant with all relevant hazardous waste legislation.


Clinical Waste

Our specialist clinical waste management collection service guarantees the secure and traceable treatment and disposal of the complete range of clinical and healthcare waste.


Inhaler Recycling

Our innovative inhaler recycling service guarantees the safe and compliant disposal of pressurised Metered Dose Inhalers.

Tanker Services

The efficient and cost-effective drainage and tanker service for hazardous waste removal, septic tank and cesspit cleaning and high pressure water jetting.


Industrial Services

Our Industrial Cleaning Services team is expert at tackling a wide range of scenarios, from environmental and confined space cleaning, to specialist decontamination and disaster recovery projects


Event Waste Management

Our award-winning event waste collection service will keep you 100% compliant, boost your environmental credentials and can save you money.


Your local waste experts

We operate from depots across the South of England, and treat your waste at our own industry-leading facilities

Over 90 years of experience

We have over 90 years of experience helping businesses to achieve their waste management goals

Certified CarbonNeutral® collections

Everytime we collect your waste we avoid adding to your carbon footprint

Trust Grundon for all of your waste management needs

Everyday thousands of businesses across many different sectors of industry rely on us to deliver a reliable, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly commercial waste management service. As a trusted partner we work with them to proactively minimize both the financial and environmental impacts of their waste.

Trusted by thousands of businesses

Over 15,000 organisations of all sizes and across all industries trust Grundon to provide a reliable commercial waste management service.

All waste services under one roof

Whether you’re looking for general waste and mixed recycling collections, or disposal of hazardous or clinical waste, the Grundon team are here to help.

Dedicated fleet of 430 collection vehicles

Grundon’s fleet of 430 certified CarbonNeutral® waste collection vehicles will take your waste to our network of industry-leading treatment facilities.

Trusted by over 15,000 businesses

“With Grundon, we saw an organisation that wanted to work with us, to challenge us rather than just do what we wanted. They came up with solutions that enabled us to start pushing boundaries, they understood what could be achieved, and have continued to demonstrate new ways of working that exceeded our goals.”

Peter Watts

Rockvolt – a specialist consultancy for stadia, venues and events who work closely with Ascot Racecourse

“We weren’t just looking for a waste company that could save us money, we wanted someone who would work with us throughout the journey to improve our environmental credentials.”

Jamie Grierson

Back of House and Logistics Manager, The Grove, luxury 5 star hotel

“The expert guidance Grundon has given us over the years has been invaluable. With a venue like ours, it’s not just down to price, it’s about service as well and Grundon’s is second to none. We have never been let down and they have always been there for us.”

Lee Howkins

Venue Manager, Silverstone

“Grundon give advice and help solve any waste problems, the fact that they handle all of our waste streams means it is so much simpler for me to manage the contract.”

Steve Sellwood

Facilities Manager, Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust

“This was the first time we had tried to achieve net zero for a large enclosure and Grundon’s aspirations were far greater than ours. It was a real learning curve to see the results that could be achieved.”

Keith Field

Head of Soft Services, Sodexo

“Most importantly, they have delivered on everything they promised – something a lot of businesses struggle to do – and they thought outside the box, coming up with different ideas that worked for our own unique situation.”

Kyla Hyett

General Manager, Gloucester Food Dock

“For us, it’s about having the right partnerships and I find that Grundon always does the right thing in making sure we are compliant and giving expert advice rather than just trying to sell us something.”

Bryan Edwards

Professional & Services Warehouse Manager, BRITA UK

Setting up your waste collection couldn’t be easier

Simply follow these easy steps today and we’ll provide you with a professional and reliable waste management service.


Tell us about the types and quantities of waste your business generates or schedule a convenient time for one of our waste experts to carry out a free waste audit.


We’ll provide you with a proposal for a bespoke waste management service which is tailored to meet the exact needs of your business.


We’ll deliver your bins or containers, schedule your collections and start providing you with a first class waste management service – it’s that easy!

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