Top Waste Tips for Healthcare Managers

At Grundon, we believe that taking simple steps towards segregating waste will go a long way to ensuring that your workplace becomes a greener one. These steps don’t have to be difficult, expensive or time-consuming, but they do have to be consistent and managed in partnership with an expert waste management company.

Lisa Hawson, Sales Executive – Clinical at Grundon Waste Management states: “Within the healthcare sector people think segregating at source is more complex; however we believe that if you keep it simple then your colleagues will embrace the change.

Care Home Waste Management
Care Home Waste Management

She continues: “Remove any under desk bins and have one bin for mixed recycling and one for general waste. At Grundon we provide a range of receptacles to suit any budget which makes it easier for people to recycle. For example, recyclables such as paper, cardboard, food and drinks cans, plastic and glass can all be placed into one bin.

“Taking recyclable materials out of the general waste stream will reduce your annual waste costs. Another way to do this is to set up a food waste collection. Organic matter tends to make black sacks heavier than they need be; segregate this and you could reduce the size of your general waste bin.”

Grundon’s expert staff are committed to supporting customers in promoting recycling and educating staff on the importance of correct segregation, with the aim of increasing recycling rates and reducing the overall cost of waste disposal for the customer.

In order to make it as simple as possible, Grundon has devised seven top tips for the managing of healthcare waste.

Our Top Tips for Managing Waste from Healthcare:

  • Have a waste management plan in place, train your staff or colleagues on it and appoint someone as the person responsible for waste management
  • Keep it simple, don’t try to change everything at once. Focus on the easy things to change such as implementing recycling or segregating food waste
  • Invest in some new bins – the cleaner and smarter they are shows you mean business and your staff or colleagues will in turn try harder. Larger recycling containers than general waste or ones with larger openings promote recycling over general waste
  • Place clear, easy to understand signs above bins to help staff segregate correctly. Far too often non-hazardous healthcare waste is placed in orange, infectious waste sacks. Another common mistake is to deposit recyclable materials in offensive waste sacks. This contamination could be due to the fact that staff are unsure of where to discard of each waste stream or because it is simply more convenient to put it in the nearest bin
  • Consider the positioning of bins – is an orange sack placed next to a basin for hand washing? If so, it’s likely to get filled with paper towels that can be recycled
  • Reward staff for their efforts – by segregating waste you will reduce costs. Use the money saved to reward staff for their efforts and not only will you have a greener workplace, it will be a happier one too
  • Challenge your waste management company to reach for zero waste to landfill

Speak to a member of our team about how Grundon can provide you with clinical waste collection and disposal as part of our total waste management service. Alternatively, please visit our care home waste management page by clicking here

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