Grundon publishes first Corporate Report

Grundon is pleased to announce the publication of its first ever Corporate Report, covering the activities of the both waste management and aggregates divisions for the company financial year ended September 2011.

Commenting on the document, CEO Richard Skehens said: “As a company we employ over 700 people across the south of England, predominantly in the Thames Valley. We operate from 13 separate locations with a fleet of over 350 conspicuously branded commercial vehicles, yet many of our neighbours and stakeholders have little or no understanding of what we do. This report attempts to present a snapshot of a year in the life of our various operations. It covers not only what we do but how we do it and, most importantly, the role played by our highly skilled and dedicated employees. For those unfamiliar with the waste and aggregates extraction industries, we hope it will provide an interesting and informative read.”

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