Grundon Rewarded for Carbon Reduction Achievement

Grundon is delighted to announce that it has recently achieved the Carbon Saver Gold Standard.

The Carbon Saver Gold Standard is awarded to companies that can prove they have robust systems in place to measure their carbon footprint, and that they are actively managing their energy usage to reduce the amount consumed. The Gold Standard was achieved following external verification of the data Grundon gathers to calculate its carbon footprint. This includes electricity, gas and diesel use, which is converted using approved factors to determine the company’s carbon footprint.

In 2011 the company produced 62,003 tCO2eq (tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent, the standard unit used in measurement of carbon footprint), a decrease of 19.1% compared to 2009.

As part of the auditing process, Grundon had to prove that it had the commitment at all levels, from the Board down, to reduce the organisations’ impact on the environment.

The Carbon Saver Standard is recognised by the Environment Agency as an Early Action Metric (EAM) under the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme. CRC (Carbon Reduction Commitment) is a mandatory government scheme aimed at improving energy efficiency and cutting emissions in large public and private sector organisations. Each year companies such as Grundon have to report their carbon footprint under the scheme, and buy allowances to cover the tonnes of carbon produced. Achieving this standard improves Grundon’s rating in the performance league table and in turn reduces the financial burden.

Glenn Wilkinson MBA FRSA FCMI, Managing Director of Carbon Saver Ltd said: “Achieving the Carbon Saver Standard demonstrates that Grundon is taking real action on Climate Change. The Award follows three years of measuring, managing and reducing carbon emissions across the organisation.”

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