Grundon signs up to The Prince’s Mayday Network

Grundon has recently signed up to The Prince’s Mayday Network. This comprises of a group of businesses that are committed to taking action on climate change, and was founded by HRH The Prince of Wales in 2007. The ‘Mayday’ name is derived from the internationally recognised Mayday distress signal, and was chosen deliberately to communicate the urgency of the climate change message.

The network, now encompassing over 3,800 businesses across the UK, is the biggest of its kind. Business in the Community continues to support companies in The Prince’s Mayday Network on their ‘journey’ through a series of events and online resources.

For more information about The Prince’s Mayday Network please visit their web site:

A major part of signing up to the network is the Mayday Journey. This online resource combines a carbon calculator with guidance designed to help companies develop a carbon strategy. The Journey is divided into four areas: reducing cost; engaging employees, suppliers and customers; building resilience through biodiversity, and adaptation and developing a vision – known as ‘transform’.

Grundon has already provided information on line and will be proud to embrace the promoted strategies and report its ongoing improvements on an annual basis.

As a company Grundon already reports on its environmental achievements, latterly through a series of Corporate Environmental Reports and more recently within the Corporate Report, which is due for publication imminently.

Significant environmental achievements for 2011 include:

  • Between 2009 and 2011 Grundon reduced its carbon footprint by a further 19.1%. Since 2000 when the company first started publicly reporting this information there has been a total reduction of 79.8%.
  • In 2011 for the first time Grundon produced more electricity, 14,577MWh than it used at all its facilities.
  • The ongoing improvements in the engine efficiency of the Grundon vehicle fleet are shown by the fact that on average we travelled 450 metres further per gallon of diesel use.

The changes that Grundon is making and planning are fully in line with the Mayday Journey. We look forward to proving that we are part of the process of change required by companies to secure a truly sustainable future for our planet and its peoples.

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