In the continuing drive to improve efficiency, reduce vehicle emissions and minimize carbon footprint, Grundon recently invested over £1.5 million in new waste collection vehicles.

A total of 16 vehicles have been acquired, comprising 11 Refuse Collection Vehicles (RCVs) and 3 Rolonofs on chassis supplied by DAF and 2 Front End Loaders (FELs) on Volvo chassis. Proven Heil bodies have been specified for the RCVs.


"Out with the Old in with the New"

Heading the line of Grundon’s new waste collection vehicles is a 1929 Albion LB41, one of 3 heritage vehicles restored and maintained by Grundon at its own vehicle workshops. The Albion was given ‘a day out’ to celebrate the new vehicledeliveries, but is normally kept inside at the company’s Benson HQ building. Click the above image to see the full size photograph (in a new tab / window).

As is standard practice for the company, Grundon specified engines to the very latest emission control standards, in advance of that required by current legislation, selecting Euro V EEV (‘Enhanced Environmentally-friendly Vehicle’) power units.

In addition, the vehicles boast a number of features designed to improve mechanical efficiency and reduce cost:

  • timed engine idle cut-off as standard, which automatically shuts off the engine if not used for 5 minutes
  • ‘road friendly suspension’ in the form of air suspension on the rear
  • 1 driving and 2 steering axles mean fewer tyres in contact with the road surface, resulting in less tyre wear and improved fuel economy
  • Speed limiter set to 52mph, instead of the more normal 56mph, to save fuel

In addition, two of the new vehicles have will be used to trial a new ‘Intelligent Power Take-Off’ (PTO) system, which aims to reduce power consumption and improve fuel efficiency.

These will also be the first Grundon vehicles to comply with new Department for Transport legislation covering conspicuity marking. This entails the fitment of reflective tape to the extreme side and rear edges of heavy trucks to not only indicate the presence of the vehicle, but also to indicate its overall dimensions.

According to Group Fleet Engineer Stephen Townsend:
“We continually strive to improve efficiencies and reduce the environmental impact of our large commercial vehicle fleet. This substantial investment by the company will ensure that we remain at the forefront of vehicle technology within the waste management sector”

These purchases form the latest step in Grundon’s rolling fleet replacement programme.

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