Chieveley Energy from Waste Proposal

– Chieveley EfW Proposal: “An Opportunity Missed”

Grundon Waste Management today expressed its disappointment at the missed opportunity a state of the art Energy from Waste (EfW) facility at the M4/A34 junction, would have brought to West Berkshire, as it confirmed that it will instead be pursuing opportunities and investments in other parts of the UK and abroad.

Although not a purely financial decision Director of Estates, Andrew Short, said “it does not make sense for us to spend significant amounts of money on planning and legal fees when these can be better spent securing consents elsewhere”.

It is hugely disappointing as this really is a missed opportunity for West Berkshire – not only in reducing its dependence on landfill and generating enough power for 30,000 homes, but also financially. Our scheme would have generated up to £1m a year for the Council in business rates which is quite considerable when you think it could have gone some way to offsetting West Berkshire’s £9m of austerity measures and cuts. We were also proposing a community benefit fund of £125,000 per year which could have been used to help people in fuel poverty or help build or improve existing community facilities such as Hermitage Village Hall, taking the pressure off community fundraising or grants being sought from other bodies.

In addition permanent jobs would have been brought to the area as well as a significant economic boost during the construction for local businesses such as hotels, suppliers etc. Grundon cautioned that West Berkshire Council is required to provide sustainable infrastructure solutions instead of relying on neighbouring areas to supply these, such as landfill in Oxfordshire and EfW facilities in Hampshire. Andrew Short commented “this is ultimately not sustainable and will have a direct impact on household and business costs. We appreciate that not everyone will support every proposal, but for any future large scale infrastructure or resource projects the debate must be opened up to the wider community otherwise development will never happen and the investment it brings will, as in this case, go elsewhere. West Berkshire runs the risk of being left without the infrastructure it needs if individual communities do not accept that regional infrastructure will be required to support the larger community and growth”.

Andrew Short
Director of Estates
Grundon Waste Management Ltd


Planning Application Refused for Chieveley Energy from Waste Facility

The planning application submitted by Grundon in December 2011 for a new Energy from Waste (EfW) facility has now been refused by West Berkshire Council. The decision was made on 10th April 2012 by the West Berkshire Council’s planning service under delegated powers..

Andrew Short, Director of Estates and Development at Grundon, said:
“We are disappointed with the decision of West Berkshire Council to refuse the planning application for our proposed EfW scheme at Chieveley. We are also surprised with the planning process which has led the Council to determine such a significant proposal under officerô€€€ s delegated powers which meant that the elected Members could not openly debate such an important infrastructure proposal.

We still firmly believe in the merits of our scheme. We are currently reviewing the decision and officer’s report and will decide on our most appropriate course of action in due course.”


Grundon Submits Chieveley EfW Planning Application


Grundon has formally submitted a detailed planning application and Environmental Statement to West Berkshire Council for a proposed Energy from Waste (EfW) facility at Old Kiln Quarry, near Chieveley.

The application, which was registered by the Council on 20th December 2011, follows many months of community consultation and discussions with third parties and Council Officers. If approved, the new facility will process up to 250,000 tonnes of residual waste per year and will generate enough renewable energy to power approximately 30,000 homes.

The planning application documents are available to view online on the West Berkshire Council’s website (you will need to enter the reference number 11/02644/COMIND):

If you have any further questions please contact us using the form on the ı Contact Usı page of this website, or call our team on Freephone 0800 169 8766 and we will be happy to help.

The Non Technical Summary, which forms part of the planning application, can be viewed here – this will open another window or tab.

Thank you to all those people who took the time to attend our Community Information Day today. For your convenience, and for the information of those people that were unable to attend, we include below downloadable copies of the information boards that were displayed at the event:
Welcome Key Facts Benefits Questions What Next?

If you have any further questions please contact us using the ô€€€ Contact Usô€€€ form via the home page of this web site, or call our team on Freephone 0800 169 8766 and we will be happy to help.

As the planning application will be submitted imminently, any written feedback you may have regarding the proposals should be addressed direct to West Berkshire Council once the application has been registered.

Click the image below to see a full size image

Chieveley Community Information Day
Chieveley Community Information Day

Many thanks to all of you that attended our public exhibition for the proposed EfW facility at the Old Kiln Quarry, Chieveley. If you wish to provide feedback please visit our Contact Us page, or call our Freephone information line on 0800 169 8766. The deadline for receipt of comments is 28th February 2011.

For those who were unable to attend the consultation event, we include below copies of the exhibition materials used at the event for your information:
Welcome, Background, EFW in Berkshire, Benefits, Design, Key Views, Transport, Considerations1, Considerations2, Your Views, EFW Process Flow, Scoping Opinion, Scoping Report

Grundon is holding a pre-application public consultation event to enable the local community to view, discuss and provide feedback on its proposals for an EfW facility at the Old Kiln Quarry, near Chieveley.

Grundon will also be offering site visits to enable the local community to see the area which is proposed for the facility. Details of these site visits are below and we request that you indicate on arrival at the consultation event if you wish to attend and at which time:
Site Visits:
Friday 11 February: 3.30pm
Saturday 12 February: 11am, 1pm and 3pm

Grundon Waste Management Ltd has submitted a Scoping Document to West Berkshire Council for a proposed Energy from Waste facility at Old Kiln Quarry, east of Chieveley Services. This is the first stage of a comprehensive process that will lead to the submission of a full planning application and accompanying Environmental Statement in 2011.


Grundon Waste Management Ltd was founded in 1929 by Steve Grundon and is now the largest privately-owned waste management group in the UK. For over eighty years, local operator Grundon has combined a commitment to quality of service, technological progress and ongoing stakeholder communications with a real and demonstrable concern for the environment and communities around its operations.

In 2009, Grundon Waste Management Ltd was granted The Royal Warrant by Her Majesty the Queen in the category of Waste Management.


The proposed EfW facility would be located on the Old Kiln Quarry site adjacent to the M4 motorway at Chieveley.


A scoping document has been submitted to West Berkshire Council and we are now entering into the technical consultation stage. Following discussion and feedback from the local authority on the scoping application, Grundon will engage in an extensive consultation programme, including a public exhibition, to ensure local residents, councillors and other key stakeholders have the opportunity to view and comment on the proposals before a planning application is prepared and submitted to the council.


Why an Energy from Waste facility?


The proposed development is part of a wider plan for a sustainable waste treatment solution for residual waste – i.e. that which cannot be recycled – in West Berkshire and the surrounding local area. Waste currently deposited at landfill sites would be used to provide electricity for approximately 50,000 homes – nearly 90% of the households in West Berkshire – with possibilities for energy to be supplied to the motorway services area and other local users.

Local authorities are required by government to divert waste from landfill, increase recycling and work towards developing more sustainable methods of generating energy. The UK Waste Strategy (2007) states that “recovering energy from waste which cannot sensibly be reused or recycled is an essential component of a well balanced energy policy …..using the most efficient technology for the jobâ€ÂÂ.

In line with government policy, Grundon believe that energy from waste is one of the most effective solutions for helping local authorities to deal with waste that cannot be recycled efficiently and would otherwise be disposed by landfill. Our proposed EfW facility located on the Old Kiln Quarry site adjacent to the M4 motorway at Chieveley would provide a safe, efficient and environmentally sustainable way of dealing with this residual waste.

Grundon has set up a free phone information line for community enquiries relating to the proposed Chieveley Energy from Waste facility. The line will be manned during normal office hours of 9.00am – 5.00pm, Monday to Friday. An answering machine service will be provided for out of hours enquiries and all messages will be responded to.






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