Grundon treads softly with footprint reducing fuel technology

In the continuing drive to reduce our own carbon footprint, we are currently trialing an exciting new fuel technology in a cross section of our waste collection vehicle fleet.

The HRN3 Hydrogen Generator from h2gogo produces hydrogen on demand to allow a more efficient burn within vehicle engines, reducing emissions while improving engine efficiency and power output. It also offers the potential to increase fuel efficiency, by as much as 3-5% on motorway cycle.

Photo of an h2gogo powder residue tanker
Photo of an h2gogo powder residue tanker

According to Stephen Townsend, Grundon’s Group Fleet Engineer:
“We are continually looking for ways to reduce the environmental impact of our commercial vehicle fleet. We have been offered many new technologies, but this one in particular caught our eye because h2gogo has invested in the product with extensive trials, proving their concept at the Millbrook Vehicle Emissions Laboratory with positive results.”

Grundon will trial the unit under typical operational conditions over a six week period from mid November.

With its proximity to the London LEZ the Colnbrook depot is an obvious choice for the trade waste collection vehicle. Also included in the trial is a Rolonof vehicle, featuring a different engine and manual transmission, dedicated to the BAA contract at Heathrow Airport. The third trial vehicle is a tractor unit with automated manual transmission, pulling a powder tank of up to 44 tonnes GVW between Cheltenham and Colnbrook.

The HRN3 unit runs on distilled water which produces hydrogen on throttle/engine demand, eliminating the need for additional fuel storage tanks other than a small distilled water tank. It works by injecting hydrogen into the engine’s air induction tract, air filter end, which then follows the standard route to the engine via intercooler and turbo.

The HRN3 produces up to 40% reduction in CO, HC, PM (particulate matter), NOx and CO2 emissions, resulting in exhausts that are visibly cleaner. .

For more information on h2gogo and their HRN3 technology please contact Shelia Docker on 01494 817174, or visit their web site at

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