Minister visits Lakeside EfW

Dan Norris MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State (Minister for Rural Affairs and Environment) today visited the new Lakeside Energy From Waste facility at Colnbrook, where he saw at first hand how the plant exports enough energy recovered from residual waste to meet the domestic needs of c.50,000 homes – more than the population of Slough.

The Minister’s visit came in the light of announcements made recently on government consultations regarding potential landfill bans, and DEFRA highlighting opportunities to improve businesses resource efficiency. It also follows a report by the Government’s Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) that re-emphasises the benefits of recycling and clarifies the important role for EfW in improved resource efficiency in the UK.

Dan Norris MP said: “Reducing, re-using or recycling is our first priority but it’s not possible for some types of material – which is where facilities like this come in. By providing power for tens of thousands of homes through energy from waste incineration, this is yet another example of seeing waste as a resource rather than something that should just be thrown away

Richard Skehens, Lakeside Director said: “Our Lakeside facility is an outstanding example of the capabilities that exist for producing energy from waste – a solution that should lie at the very heart of the UK’s energy and resource management policies moving forward. We are pleased that the Minister has seen the essential and important role that Lakeside and other energy from waste facilities can play working alongside high levels of recycling to improve resource efficiency in the UK. These facilities successfully deploy safe, robust and efficient technology and provide good value for money for our customers, which is important in the current economic climate.”

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