Lakeside Energy from Waste Facility – Steam Blow

As you may have noticed, the structure of the Lakeside Energy from Waste facility is virtually complete. As we near the end of the construction phase, we need to steam clean the insides of some pipes to remove any remaining particles of construction debris. This final cleaning process is known as a steam blow. To make the most of the sustainable, non fossil fuel energy produced by the plant, the pipework needs to be absolutely clean so the steam turbine blades that generate green energy for the National Grid are not damaged.

The pipes are steam cleaned under pressure and at high temperatures and special filters collect any particles loosened from them. During this process, which will be carried out by a world renowned specialist company in this field, steam will appear outside and between the plant buildings and may also be seen above and around the plant. Occasionally, depending on the weather, this may appear to be discoloured, but it will always be steam.

The steam cleaning will start around 24th July 2009 and will run daily from 7am-7pm, including weekends. It may last between 4-14 days (or as long as it takes to clean out the steam transfer pipework).

I hope this explains what we will be doing over the next few days, but if you have any further queries, please call the Lakeside Control Room on 01753 688430 between 7am and 7 pm.

Alan Trueman
Client Project Manager
July 2009

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