A New Development - Hydroclave

The new High Temperature Steam Sterilisation Facility – Hydroclave – will supplement the existing High Temperature Incinerator.

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press and news

The increasing cost of operating a fully compliant High Temperature Incineration facility, coupled with increased demand on a finite capacity, has created an opportunity for Grundon to provide an alternative, cost efficient and ethical clinical waste disposal method.

The facility will be suitable to treat clinical waste generated from hospitals, nursing homes, dentists, doctors, tattooists, and other healthcare related producers.

Grundon has researched the available technologies worldwide and has selected a treatment and disposal regime that fully complies with the stringent UK and EC Regulatory framework.

The complete package will give the following advantages:

  • Situated near Maidenhead in close proximity to the incinerator.
  • The unit fragments the waste inside the pressure chamber, where steam heats the waste up to 130ÂșC to render the waste safe and non-infectious.
  • Initially we will landfill this residue. However the parallel development of a mass burn Energy from Waste Facility at Slough will enable us to incinerate the treatment residues, thus producing electricity.
  • Clinical waste facilities capable of safely managing all types of clinical waste.
  • Valuable high temperature incineration capacity will be reserved for wastes with a higher risk requiring higher temperature destruction.
  • Reserved contingency capacity for shut downs of either plant, ensuring continuity of service.

For further information please contact the Grundon Clinical Department on the following:

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