Appeals on Wheels!

With the number of changes to UK waste management legislation in recent years, not to mention those still to come, we know from our customers that small firms in particular are finding it difficult to keep abreast of the changes.

In response, Grundon is continually looking for new and effective ways of drawing companies’ attention to the new regulations, and the solutions we offer to help them achieve compliance.

The latest of these techniques ‘hit the road’ in early April. Two of our Refuse Collection Vehicles (‘RCVs’) have been fitted with an innovative poster frame system, effectively turning them into mobile advertising hoardings.

The patented ‘Kwik Zip’ system was installed by Epic Media of West Malling, Kent – Using a lightweight aluminium frame with a clever tensioning system, heavy-duty vinyl posters are stretched over the frame until taut.

Printed in full colour and capable of displaying high-resolution graphics, the posters cover both sides of the vehicles and are very robust. Different posters can be displayed on each side, and changed as often as required.

The first two vehicles will operate from the Colnbrook depot on daily routes into Slough & Windsor and London. Initially, each vehicle will promote Grundon’s mixed recyclables service (including glass) on one side, and the HazBox service for small volumes of hazardous waste on the other.

Whilst the posters are primarily designed to raise awareness, a web address and dedicated phone number are provided for people wishing to obtain further information.

Call 0870 167 6163 if you see one of the trucks and tell us what you think!

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