Grundon launches new mercury clean-up service

Grundon Industrial Services has just launched a new mercury clean-up service, designed to provide a much speedier and safer solution for handling mercury spills.

Its specialist new mercury vacuum and detector is capable of identifying and cleaning up even the tiniest traces of the liquid metal, reducing the time taken for a clean-up operation from a full day, to just one hour – leaving the premises with full clean room status.

Richard Appleton, works manager at Grundon Industrial Services with the new mercury clean-up equipment
Richard Appleton, works manager at Grundon Industrial Services with the new mercury clean-up equipment

David Green, industrial services manager, says as well as speed, the new service is particularly important when it comes to legacy spills, which very often go undetected until clean-up operations begin.

“Mercury is used in a variety of workplaces, including factories, laboratories and clinical or other healthcare settings, such as dental surgeries,” he said.

“The problem can be that if spillages or equipment breakages happen, people don’t notice that mercury droplets have escaped, which means the first time they realise there’s a problem is when we go in to undertake a cleaning operation and start lifting the floors.

“We often then find that what was thought to be a small spill of mercury droplets is actually much larger. Thankfully, our new mercury vapour indicator can detect tiny traces of mercury, allowing our teams to know where the metal is present, after which the decontamination work can begin.”

Green says that many people don’t realise that incredibly small amounts of mercury vapours can be dangerous and these can be exacerbated by heat. He warns that a standard vacuum cleaner should never be used as it can make the situation worse because the vapours warm up and become more concentrated.

A special filter on the new mercury vacuum used by Grundon ensures that there is no danger of the vapours heating up or escaping, protecting both the operator and anyone else nearby and, once the mercury is safely removed, it goes to Grundon’s own waste facilities for processing and, if appropriate, recycling.

“This is an extremely innovative piece of equipment and, as far as we are aware, we are one of the few companies to be using it, enabling us to provide a broader range of services than ever before,” concluded Green.

The mercury clean-up service is just one of many complex operations carried out by the industrial services team, which has a strong track record and reputation for problem solving.

Its capabilities range from confined spaces cleaning – such as tanks or vessels – as well as high level access cleaning; chemical spillages and post fire or flood clean-ups; to the decommissioning of laboratory facilities and high pressure jetting for surface cleaning and decontamination.

For more information about our mercury clean-up service please contact David Green on 01491 834 340 or email

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