Revolutionary new sharp-free glass compaction technology

As part of its continued drive to harness the latest technologies in waste management, Grundon is delighted to be working closely with Krysteline Limited, inventors of the revolutionary ‘Implosion’ technology that densifies glass and renders it sharp free.

The implosion process was originally developed in the wake of tough new environmental legislation that prohibited dumping of waste at sea, and found a ready market in cruise ships and naval vessels where storage space is at a premium.

More recently Krysteline has developed a range of machines tailored to the needs of land-based businesses such as pubs, clubs, restaurants and laboratories that produce significant quantities of waste container glass – typically bottles and jars.

Krysteline glass implosion machines produce a 4:1 reduction in glass volume, offering the potential for significant space saving and a reduction in the number and cost of waste glass collections. By reducing the bottles and jars to sharp-free cullet on site, the process also reduces the risks to health & safety posed by handling and storage of large quantities of breakable glass. The machines have a low power demand and use standard, 220-240v single-phase power supply.

With the latest provision of the Landfill Directive due to become law on 30th October 2007, all businesses in England and Wales will need to ‘pre-treat’ any of their waste that is currently taken to landfill. One of the treatment options that meet the government’s criteria is to separate out at least one non hazardous waste stream for recycling.

For pubs, clubs and restaurants in particular that are currently placing all of their waste into a single bin, a Krysteline machine combined with Grundon’s mixed glass collection could prove the ideal solution.

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