Happy Birthday Haz-Box

We’re celebrating 10 years of our Haz-Box service – a cost-effective and easy to use solution for the safe storage of mixed hazardous waste.

Ideal for a wide range of businesses, it can fit neatly into a cupboard or under a desk, and provides the perfect way to dispose of small quantities of hazardous wastes that shouldn’t be placed into normal bins.

In our previous blog ‘The everyday hazards of hazardous waste‘ we looked at some of the everyday items which fall into the hazardous waste category in a commercial environment, and it’s worth highlighting the fact that non-compliance with the legislation can result in large fines from the Environment Agency.

There’s also a very real risk that if you place these items in your general waste and they split, leak or spill, they can contaminate the rest of the materials too, leading to potential problems in the waste management process and possibly becoming a fire risk – please see our blog entitled ‘Combatting contamination – what you need to know‘.

We do everything we can to reduce the chances of that happening – especially as it can cost our customers more if we have to take steps to manage contaminated waste – and the Haz-Box is one of easiest to implement.

It can be collected at a time which is convenient for you, whether that’s once a month or once every six months. Our drivers are all trained in segregation and packaging of hazardous waste and our vehicles are specially-equipped to manage such materials, meeting all the necessary ADR compliance regulations.

When the Haz-Box and its contents arrive at our dedicated Hazardous Waste Transfer Station at Ewelme, the items are inspected, categorised and segregated by our Technical Department’s team of highly-qualified chemists, before being sent for treatment, recovery and recycling.

Nothing is wasted, which means that while there may not be a birthday present in our Haz-Box, its green credentials are a cause for celebration.

To speak to a member of our team about how Grundon can provide you with small volume hazardous waste collection, recycling and disposal as part of our total waste management service please contact us on:

Tel: 01491 834 340

Fax: 01491 834 319

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