Grundon Managing Director goes back to the shop floor

When Clayton Sullivan-Webb, Managing Director of Grundon Waste Management, purchased some tickets for an Easter raffle earlier this year, he didn’t expect to find himself dressed in overalls at Ewelme Transport Office awaiting orders at 5.00am a few weeks later.

Clayton Sullivan-Webb, Managing Director,
in action operating the waste wheeler vehicle

The raffle was in aid of Sobell House Hospice, an organisation that offers physical and psychological care to those facing life threatening illness, death and bereavement. One of the prizes for the raffle was a 4-ball round of golf at Thorney Park and a bottle of Grundon Champagne. A more hands-on offer came from Grundon’s Ewelme Depot Operations Manager, Anthony Tattersall. He offered “a day out on a waste wheeler vehicle with lunch provided”, which Clayton gave consent for on condition that the winner was fully trained and given the correct personal protective equipment.

On the day of the draw, whilst he was offsite in a meeting, Clayton received the news that he himself was the lucky winner of the wonderful waste wheeler trip. The next step was going to Ewelme to meet Transport Trainer, Kevin Barcroft, who went through all of the necessary training requirements with Clayton. These included manual handling, safe operating procedures, risk identification and operating the back end of a waste wheeler vehicle. Once this was completed, Clayton was issued a uniform and told to report back at the Transport Office at Ewelme at 5.00am!

There were a few surprised faces and double takes from the drivers that morning when their Managing Director arrived in full uniform, gloves in hand and ready for a day’s work. After being handed his ‘dinner money’, Clayton met his fellow driver for the day, Jamie Hancock. They started by completing the daily checks before heading off to their first customer 20 miles away in Flackwell Heath.

The vehicle that Clayton and Jamie were using that day was a different model to the one Clayton had been trained on, so they had to do a quick refresh of where the buttons were to tip the first bin. After that, the day went smoothly, thanks to the routes being planned to avoid town centres during busy periods. Clayton was also impressed by Jamie’s driving, and said “I must admit that witnessing some of the entrances Jamie skilfully manoeuvred the lorry down was quite incredible.”

By rush hour the pair had several jobs under their belts and had even begun to meet a few customers. Clayton was pleased to hear the customers praise Jamie on his excellent service.

By 3.00pm they had deposited their day’s takings of 7.64 tonnes to Grundon’s Knowl Hill facility, completed all of the relevant paperwork and Clayton was ready for his early night!

Clayton would like to express his thanks to everyone involved in his day, especially to Kevin for making sure he “finished the day in the state he started in”, and also Jamie for “a very informative and enjoyable day.”

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