Grundon boosts green credentials with switch to carbon neutral waste sacks

Grundon Waste Management has opted for a carbon neutral bio-based polythene solution for its refuse and recycling sacks as the company continues to enhance its green credentials.

The move to the Polyair™ sacks, supplied by Polythene UK, the UK’s leading independent supplier of polythene products, is the latest move by Grundon to add value to its waste management services by using initiatives with enhanced environmental credentials.

Grundon have been operating a certified CarbonNeutral® vehicle fleet, an industry-first, since January 2014. This commitment means that every time Grundon collect waste from a customer site or a member of the Grundon team visits a customer in a company car, not only is the journey CarbonNeutral®, but it also avoids adding to the customers’ own carbon footprint.

Polyair™ is a bio-based polythene developed using sugarcane polymers that are created from the waste product of sugarcane extraction. The carbon neutral aspect of Polyair™ comes from the natural process of photosynthesis during the growth of the sugarcane. At this stage carbon is actively captured, which means the polymer is initially carbon positive. The amount of captured carbon is almost equivalent to the amount of carbon expended when using oil-based polymers.

The fact that sugarcane is a renewable resource also means it doesn’t deplete valuable fossil fuels, unlike its oil-based counterparts. The production process inevitably generates carbon through factors such as transport and electricity use, which means that by the time the bio-based polythene is produced it is actually carbon neutral as opposed to carbon negative. Polyair™ is also 100% recyclable.

John Stephens, group logistics manager for Grundon, said: “At Grundon we are always looking for initiatives that mitigate the environmental impacts of our operations, especially those that offer carbon reduction benefits. For our customers, seeing Grundon using innovative and environmentally friendly products such as the Polyair™ carbon neutral refuse and recycling sacks and having a CarbonNeutral® vehicle fleet is a reassurance. It is living proof that they are working with a business that is proud of its commitment to the promoting a green agenda and operating its business responsibly.”

James Woollard, managing director of Polythene UK, said: “It’s fantastic news that Grundon has chosen Polyair™ for both its refuse and recycling sacks. There’s a huge gap in the secondary packaging market when it comes to bio-based materials and we’re currently the only polythene provider actively looking to fill it.”

The move to carbon neutral Polyair™ sacks will no doubt prove popular with Grundon’s customers, as they complement the company’s existing range of receptacles and containers, many of which are made from post-consumer recycled materials.

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