Dual livery has Grundon and Carbon8 seeing double

Grundon Waste Management has invested over £200,000 in a new tanker and tractor unit which, for the first time, features dual branding with subsidiary company Carbon8 Aggregates.

The new vehicle is designed to carry flue gas treatment residues (FGT) from Energy from Waste (EfW) facilities and takes to the road just as Carbon8 celebrates transporting its 1,000th load of FGT to its facility at Brandon in Suffolk.

On the road: the new dual livery vehicle

Stephen Roscoe, technical director for both companies, said: “Grundon’s investment in the new vehicle recognises the growing level of demand for Carbon8’s award-winning FGT treatment process.

“The decision to move to dual branding reflects the close links between our two companies and demonstrates how we are working together to bring pioneering technology to the waste management and recycling sector.”

At the Brandon plant, Carbon8 uses an award-winning, patented process known as Accelerated Carbonation Technology (ACT) to recycle the FGT, permanently capturing the carbon dioxide and converting it into a lightweight carbon negative aggregate, known as Carbon8 Aggregate (C8A).

Demand from the construction industry for the aggregate is rising rapidly, with several leading national construction companies already using C8A to produce lightweight building blocks. Carbon8 has already been given the go-ahead for a second facility at Avonmouth which will more than double its ability to produce C8A.

The FGT is transported from a number of locations including Grundon’s Lakeside EfW plant at Colnbrook, Berkshire, a joint venture with Viridor.

Roscoe calculates that, with each of the 1,000 journeys carrying 25 tonnes of FGT, the ACT process will have produced 60,000 tonnes of aggregate and permanently captured 1,075 tonnes of CO2 – the same quantity of CO2 captured in a year by a million trees.

The new vehicle comprises a DAF FTG 460 CF tractor unit along with a purpose built Feldbinder FFB 63m3 4 hopper silo tank semi-trailer. As with all Grundon’s vehicle fleet, it is certified CarbonNeutral® and has the latest safety and
security features.

These include an emergency shutdown system on the tank; a state-of-the-art “Lite-wire” pulse technology lighting system to enhance cycle and pedestrian safety; as well as six safety cameras and an advanced safety harness for
the driver, which provides protection while climbing the ladder as well as on top of the tank.

In addition, because the FGT will often be hot and varying in density, the tank has a special Wimadur internal liner to make discharging the product easier and preventing any potential interaction between the FGT and the aluminium of the tank.

The tank, which comes with BPW axles with disc brakes and a rear steered axle, is non-tipping, as the load is discharged via a Meller Flow Trans MH6 blower fitted to the DAF tractor. The compact unit, designed to suit Euro 6-engined trucks where space is limited, is mounted directly onto the gearbox, without the need for mounting brackets or external shafts.

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