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Material Recovery Facilities

Materials Recovery Facilities (MRFs) – recycling, recovery and waste management

Grundon’s industry-leading Materials Recovery Facilities (MRFs) provide the efficient separation and recovery of recyclable materials. This waste management process segregates the mixed recyclable waste products from local authority kerbside and commercial/industrial recyclable collection rounds. Once the materials have been separated in the MRF they can then be sent on for recycling.

Our unique MRFs each have an annual capacity in excess of 40,000 tonnes, allowing us to typically process up to 90% of the materials passing through them for subsequent recycling.

What materials do the Materials Recovery Facilities recover for recycling?

We believe that the best way to encourage recycling is to make the waste management process as simple as possible. We do this by operating a two-bin collection system – where all recyclable materials are placed in one bin and all residual (non-recyclable) waste in another. Recycled materials collected for recovery at our MRFs include:

• Paper (including newspapers, magazines, catalogues and envelopes)
• Card and cardboard
• Steel and aluminium cans
• HDPE (high-density polyethylene) plastics
• PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastics
• PP (polypropylene) plastics
• Mixed plastics (yoghurt pots, food trays, etc)
• Clean plastic films
• Tetra-Pak cartons
• Glass (all colours)

How does the process of Materials Recovery Facilities work?

Materials collected in this manner are tipped at our nearest MRF where they are fed through a series of different processes that separate them into their respective material types. Our state-of-the-art sorting technology allows for a greater range of materials to be separated and a higher quality of material to be baled. Optical sorters use a spectroscope and sensor to analyse the waste, rejecting or passing materials that fit the correct criteria.

The separated materials are then high-density baled and are placed in temporary storage until a sufficient quantity has been collected, ensuring that shipment to re-processors is as efficient as possible, before they can be manufactured into new products.

What Materials Recovery Facilities does Grundon operate?

All of our MRFs work to the same objective of producing as clean, segregated and sorted recycled materials as efficiently as possible. The quality standards that we employ in this waste management process as in excess of the minimum required by the re-processors. We currently operate six MRFs:

• Banbury, North Oxfordshire
• Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
• Leatherhead, Surrey
• Reading, Berkshire
• Slough, Berkshire
• Wallingford, South Oxfordshire

Grundon has invested in its MRFs to ensure that they incorporate the latest sorting technology available - with each of our facilities using differing combinations of technology to separate the recyclable materials. Typically our facilities use a combination of hand and mechanical sorting for paper and card, mechanical sorting for plastics, overband magnets for recovering steel cans and other ferrous metals, and eddy current separators for segregating aluminium cans.

Our largest facility is the MRF near Slough, which was built in 2011. This MRF incorporates industry leading waste management and recovery technology, including the ‘Redwave’ near infra-red spectroscopy auto-sorters, which are capable of programming to extract a wide range of different recyclable material types, based upon the wavelength of reflected light. This facility uses this state-of-the-art technology to recover additional materials such as clean, clear plastic film, mixed plastics (including PP, PET and HDPE) as well as ‘Tetrapak’ style laminated cartons.

We invested £3.8 million in a new MRF at our Cheltenham depot in 2013, which can process up to 50,000 tonnes of mixed recyclables a year, making it the most efficient and fully compliant facility of its kind in the area. The site includes dedicated bays for wood and Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT) waste, as well as a designated food waste container.

Our MRF near Oxford, processes building and construction waste, recovering over 75% of all soil, plastics, timber, brick, concrete, aggregates and metals.

Speak to a member of our team at your local depot about how Grundon can provide you with collection, recovery and recycling as part of our total waste management service.


Email: sales.banbury@grundon.com
Tel: 01295 253 611
Fax: 01295 257 544



Email: sales.oxford@grundon.com
Tel: 01491 839 212
Fax: 01491 832 760



Email: sales.cheltenham@grundon.com
Tel: 01242 676 011
Fax: 01242 676 924


Email: sales.reading@grundon.com
Tel: 0118 971 2012
Fax: 0118 971 3974



Email: sales.gatwick@grundon.com
Tel: 01293 820 358
Fax: 01293 820 769


Email: sales.slough@grundon.com
Tel: 01753 686 777
Fax: 01753 686 002                          



Email: sales.stansted@grundon.com
Tel: 01279 680 410

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Tel: 01295 253 611
Email: sales.banbury@grundon.com

Tel: 01242 676 011
Email: sales.cheltenham@grundon.com

Tel: 01293 820 358
Email: sales.gatwick@grundon.com

Tel: 01491 839 212
Email: sales.oxford@grundon.com

Tel: 0118 971 2012
Email: sales.reading@grundon.com

Tel: 01753 686 777
Email: sales.slough@grundon.com


Tel: 01279 680 410
Email: sales.stansted@grundon.com


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