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Golf and Leisure - Golf Course Construction and Maintenance Materials

Golf and Leisure - Golf Course Construction and Maintenance Materials

As a major supplier to the leisure and golf course construction and maintenance sector, Grundon understands and responds to your needs with a range of products that allow you to deliver the highest possible levels of quality.

Path gravels

Coxwell self-binding path gravel, which is only exclusively available through Grundon, has an excellent reputation and is used by hundreds of golf courses across Southern England. This material is cost effective, easy to use, pleasing to the eye and requires the minimum of maintenance and aftercare.

We also produce Redpave, a 3mm dolomitic limestone path dressing with a distinctive red texture, popular on many golf courses and parks. With 1.8 tonnes per cubic metre bulk density, one tonne of this dressing will cover approximately 10 square metres of pathway at 50mm thick.

Bunker Sands

From our Frith End quarry we produce popular silica bunker sand, which is yellow/orange in colour.
It is a lime-free sand, with medium sized grain that is sub-rounded to meet the USGA specifications for bunker sands. We also produce buff/white bunker sand. Both of our sands offer excellent drainage properties and superb playability.

Soil Mixes

One of Grundon’s golf and leisure products is our screened soil, blended with our compost. This produces a rich dark organic soil, complemented with our Coxwell horticultural grit and screened at 20mm.

We also produce Grade Two soil, a blend of our screened soil and our Coxwell horticultural grit, which is then screened at 30mm.

Puddle Clay

In terms of landscaping the water features for your golf course, our Cheltenham quarry produces Blue Lias puddle clay, which is ideal for the construction of ponds, lakes, and irrigation lagoons.

Decorative Chippings and Shingles

At Grundon we provide a variety of decorative shingles, ranging from golden to black and white, which are most commonly used for decoration, car parks, and landscaping around the clubhouse.

Rockery Stone

For landscaping, lakes and special features, we produce various sizes of Coxwell boulders and rockery stone from our Faringdon quarry, as well as 100-200mm Gabion stone. The rockery stone can be broken down so it is manageable for one or two people to manoeuvre. Whilst some boulders are rounded, others come in a variety of shapes and sizes, all of which are buff in colour. A feature of our rockery stone is its very rough, coarse surface, which weathers quickly, providing a beautifully natural finish which is not susceptible to frost. This material is stocked at our Frith End, and Faringdon quarries.

Cobbles and Pebbles

Available from our Faringdon quarry is our selection of Anglian beach cobbles and pebbles. The material is a rounded, very hard naturally occurring flint. It is washed, screened and is available as mixed cobbles or in sizes of 12, 20 and 40mm. Cobbles and pebbles can be used for paving, water features, and decorative areas. The quality of these specialist materials is ensured by the services of independent consultants and testing laboratories that certify the finest product quality control.

Our golf and leisure products have been used at a variety of locations, including:

  • Frilford Heath Golf Club
  • Drayton Golf Club
  • Les Lion Polo Club, Holyport
  • Fulham FC training ground
  • London Meteors baseball ground
  • Wokingham Cricket Club
  • Guards Polo Club, Windsor

Speak to a member of our aggregates team regarding samples, grading analysis, prices, or to request a brochure, please contact the Grundon aggregates sales office on 01491 834 311

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