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Alternative Treatment

Alternative Treatment

The increasing cost of operating a fully compliant High Temperature Clinical Waste Incineration facility, coupled with increased demand on a finite capacity, created an opportunity for Grundon to provide an alternative, cost efficient and ethical clinical waste disposal method.

After comprehensively researching all available technologies worldwide, we selected the Hydroclave, a hybrid autoclave, as the best available treatment and disposal method, as it complies fully with stringent UK and European Community Regulatory framework.

Our dual Hydroclave facility is suitable for treating clinical waste generated by hospitals, doctors' surgeries, dental practices, nursing homes, and veterinary practices, as well as numerous other healthcare related producers.

What are the benefits of using the Hydroclave?

Our Hydroclave facility presents numerous benefits and advantages over other clinical waste treatment and disposal methods. The Hydroclave is capable of safely managing infectious or potentially infectious, orange bagged clinical and healthcare waste, providing both environmental and cost saving benefits.

The hybrid design of the Hydroclaves results in lower water consumption than conventional autoclaves. The Hydroclave uses less energy and produces less CO2 than High Temperature Incineration providing a more sustainable disposal route for infectious clinical waste that doesn't require incineration.

The use of our Hydroclave facility for the high temperature steam sterilisation of clinical waste is located at our Maidenhead depot, so it is in close proximity to, and supplements, our High Temperature Clinical Waste Incinerator in Slough.

This puts Grundon in a unique position, as we have an alternative facility for safely managing the treatment of all types of clinical waste. It also allows us to reserve the valuable incineration capacity for wastes with a higher risk, which may require a higher temperature for safe disposal. We operate dual Hydroclaves, allowing maintenance to one vessel whilst the other is in operation, ensuring that we can provide you with continuity of service.

How does the Hydroclave work?

Our Hydroclave processes infectious or potentially infectious bagged clinical waste, typically contained in orange sacks. These are loaded into the industrial shredder prior to the sterilisation process, during which powerful rotators mix the waste and break it into fine, confetti-sized pieces. The waste is conveyed into one of the two Hydroclave vessels. Next, steam fills the double wall, or jacket, of the Hydroclave’s vessel, which in turn heats the waste up to 130°C to render the waste safe and non-infectious.

The vessel is then vented and the now sterile water within the vessel is drained. Steam heat and mixing continue until all of the liquids within the vessel have evaporated leaving a finely shredded dry waste called flock.

This residual flock is then either sent to landfill, or increasingly as Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF), where energy is recovered from the waste in the form of green electricity.

Our Hydroclave offers a sustainable outlet for your clinical waste and is another great example of how Grundon can reduce the financial and environmental impacts of your waste, whilst ensuring that you remain fully compliant with all relevant legislation and regulations.

Speak to a member of our team about how Grundon can provide you with clinical waste collection and disposal as part of our total waste management service.

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